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Crown Princess Kiko viewed an exhibition about tuberculosis at the Kiyose City Museum in Tokyo today, April 30:

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On April 15th, Crown Princess Kiko attended meetings at the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo. She met the chairman about the current state of tuberculosis and future of the association, followed by meetings with the administrative and public relations staff, and Comprehensive Health Checkup Promotion Center staff. She was briefed on data management, medical treatment content, and future initiatives. Crown Princess Kiko toured the Comprehensive Health Checkup Promotion Center: examination rooms, ultrasound examination room, and blood collection room.

Afterwards, Crown Princess Kiko met about 70 staff members who presented her with flowers to mark her 30th anniversary as president of Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association. She assumed the role in April 1994, succeeding Princess Chichibu (Setsuko).

Photos: Imperial Household Agency, Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (PDF)


More content on April 26 in Ishikawa Prefecture: Crown Princess Kiko visited Kanazawa University Kakuma Campus, Kanazawa University Hospital, prefectural branch of Tuberculosis Prevention Association, and an evacuation center.

Photos: TBS, AP Images


More on April 30 at Kiyose City Museum's permanent exhibition on tuberculosis and Kiyose Hospital monument in Tokyo.

Photos: Asahi, AFLO Images, AP Images

Japan's Princess Kiko tours historic Tokyo suburban tuberculosis treatment hub - The Mainichi
[...] Since the 1931 opening of Tokyo National Hospital (formerly Kiyose Hospital), sanatoriums and research facilities have been successively built in the city. Crown Princess Kiko visited the Kiyose City Museum to see daily items used by tuberculosis patients at the time and self-published print works in which patients contributed their writings.

Regarding the history of the shopping district that developed as the number of medical facilities increased, she said, "The patients, their families, medical personnel and local community must have supported each other."


After touring the museum, she visited the Kiyose Hospital's monument within the municipal central park. She then visited a residential area that formerly hosted sanatoriums and a place where large cherry trees planted by patients for horticultural therapy are still standing.

During the tour guided by association members, Crown Princess Kiko occasionally took photographs with her smartphone while taking notes. At the site where the wooden huts used for open-air treatment remain, she expressed gratitude, saying, "We are able to see this thanks to everyone's efforts (at preservation)."

Crown Princess Kiko, President of Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Visits Kiyose City Museum in Tokyo - The Japan News
Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko attended the opening ceremony of the World Para Athletics Championships Kobe at Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium today, May 17:

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:previous: more info for May 16-17 visit to Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
  • special needs school where they played bocce
  • children's center Kobekko Land" where they attended a parenting class for children born with low birth weight, joining rhythm play
  • meeting 4 athletes from Team Japan at a hotel
  • preliminaries for the visually impaired men's 100m and women's 1500m races before opening ceremony
Photos: FNN, Asahi, AFLO Images, Mainichi

Crown Prince Akishino visited Ibaraki Prefecture May 23-24 for the 59th annual meeting of the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens. He visited Mito Botanical Gardens before the opening ceremony on the 23rd and attended research presentations the next day.

Photos: Yomiuri,, AP Images
On May 27th, Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko attended the memorial service at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery in Chiyoda, Tokyo. 301 remains from Russia, Iwo Jima and other locations were interred.

Photos: Getty Images, Jiji, Sankei

WWII Memorial Service Held in Tokyo Without COVID-19 Limit |
[...] About 450 people attended this year's event, including Japanese Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi, Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Keizo Takemi, and representatives of bereaved relatives. [...]

At Monday's ceremony, held by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the remains of an additional 301 people collected by government missions from places including Russia, the Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory, and Iwoto, a remote Tokyo island also known as Iwojima, were laid to rest. The number of people whose remains are placed at the cemetery now totals 370,700.

:previous: more info on the May 31-June 1 visit to Wakayama Prefecture.

May 31
  • briefing from governor at a hotel in Shirahama
  • special needs school Wakayama Kenritsu Nankihamayuu in Kamitonda
  • Hiromura Levee and Inamura-no-Hi-no-Yakata Tsunami Educational Center in Hirogawa
  • reception at Hotel Avalorm Kinokuni in Wakayama City
Photos: Asahi, Mainichi, AP Images

June 1:
  • 35th National Greenery Protection Gathering and commemorative tree planting in Wakayama City
  • meet budo sansho spice farmers and visit rice terraces in Aridagawa
Photos: Mainichi, Asahi, AP Images

Crown Prince Akishino presided over the Japan Stockholm Junior Water Prize at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo today, June 18:

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On June 21st, Crown Prince Akishino visited the Imperial Palace to receive the Imperial edict to perform state acts on behalf of Emperor Naruhito during Their Majesties' state visit to the UK (June 22-29).

Photos: NTV, TV-Asahi


On June 22nd, Crown Princess Kiko attended the opening ceremony of the 16th Congress of Asia continental branch of International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP Asia 2024) at Pacifico Yokohama North in Kanagawa Prefecture. Afterwards, she met cancer survivors who performed at the ceremony.

One of Japan's young leading cellists Tatsuki Sasanuma, Princess Kako's classmate, performed in memory of junior cellist Kanchi Yamamoto, Princess Aiko's classmate, who died last year after battling leukemia. Princess Aiko privately attended a charity memorial concert for Yamamoto in April.

Photos, sources: Asahi, Sankei, NTV

Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko attended the Japan National Team Organization Ceremony for the 2024 Paris Olympic games in Tokyo today, July 5:

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Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, accompanied by Prince Hisahito, will attend the High School Cultural Festival (Culture Club Inter-High or Sobunsai) in Gifu prefecture July 31-August 1. This will be Prince Hisahito's second official local visit.

Source: FNN

Crown Princess Kiko attended a charity concert in Tokyo today, June 30:

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More photos: AP Images, Asahi

Crown Princess Kiko Appreciates Choir of Cancer Patients; Charity Concert Held at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall - The Japan News
... About 150 cancer patients in their 40s to 80s and their families sang Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 “An die Freude” (“Ode to Joy”) in a choir accompanied by an orchestra ...


:previous: More on the July 31-August 1 visit to Gifu Prefecture for the Gifu Sobun 2024 (National High School Cultural Festival).

July 31: National High School Cultural Festival opening ceremony and parade
August 31: visit venues for art and crafts category, flower arrangement category, local studies (research) category, meet participating students

Agenda includes tour of Gifu Sekigahara Battlefield Memorial Museum and the prefectural office, which opened in January last year.

:previous: more on Crown Princess Kiko's July 17-18 visit to Gifu Prefecture.

July 17 in Mino city:
  • Prefectural Forest Culture Academy, a vocational school in forestry, timber and other fields. She played games with children and saw wood carving.
  • historic walking area "Udatsu no Agaru Street" with Edo-era buildings. She was welcomed by children from a nearby kindergarten.
  • Mino Washi Akari Art Gallery to view Mino Washi paper products and a demonstration of making Hon Minoshi, the highest quality of Mino Washi.
July 18 in Gifu city:
  • Japanese Red Cross Society's Gifu branch where she met volunteers and played a karuta card game that taught children about blood donation.
  • 60th National Blood Donation Promotion Conference where Kiko gave a speech and presented awards for outstanding contributions.
  • children's hall "Gifu Mokuyukan" (Gifu Wood Playhouse) before returning to Tokyo.
Photos: AP Images July 17, AP Images July 18, Getty Images, Asahi (includes past blood donation activities)

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