Crash: 7 Victims & Perpetrator Dead, 10 Wounded at Queen's Day 2009

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what happens next
any new from the royal family
do you think the queen will speak?

I am so very sorry that this IDIOT ruined a very wonderful celebration. Isn't it funny how one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. What is wrong with people today, I pray for the families of the people involved. Everyone was just trying to enjoy their day and now it will taint it for a long time. God Bless All!

I heard that the driver may had a heartattack...
we will see
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I don't think that the queen will speak today. Perhaps tomorrow or at the weekend.
If this was an accident, tragic. If this was an attempt to hurt Queen Beatrix, her family and innocent bystanders let's hope the vile excuse for a human being that was the driver snuffed it.
ja, I do not doubt the integrity of our mayor, there are 3 very big parties going on at the moment, but the one on the rokin, near me is small, they could chose to stop out of common decency.

Maybe they will opt to cancel part of the programme, and slowly let the festivities stop. Now Rotterdam cancelled the festivities and now that there are deaths I think Amsterdam can not continue like nothing happened. The NOS is already pointing out the tricky situation for the mayor of Amsterdam: 100.000's people are in the city -many of them drunk- what to do with them when they cancel everything.
TV Gelderland also mentions 4 deaths. But it has not been confirmed yet.

The board of the national Orange associations asked all the local Orange comitee's to stop the festivities that they have organised.
what happens next
any new from the royal family
do you think the queen will speak?

I heard that the driver may had a heartattack...
we will see

Having an heart attack and then driving for hundreds of meters straight through a crowd in the direction of the bus?Kidding!So,NO.

Meanwhile many most graphic pics have appeared,even on royalimages,pls. do not look.It is un-decent to a fault,un-human almost.
There still is something like human dignity.
I just removed the flag. I see they are doing the same at Palace het Loo. I am not sure if we can fly them half mast today.
I can't believe that this happened on a day that should be so joyful.

<Link to Graphic Images Removed By Moderator>

Don't watch this picture when you're easily shocked because it's an horrible one (No blood intended though)

I believe that this was done on purpose.
Queensday will never be the same.
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oh my god ! i just sow a reporte in the BBC ! i m very sad to heard such news in such special day !
i watched that the royal princesses was shokted and sad ! specialy princess maxima she was scaring by this accident !
This is just horrible. I couldn't believe it when I read about it. How traumatic for everyone! I am so sorry for the victims and all those who watched it... it's simple terrible.
There are words that the RF,or some of the members,will/might visit the hospitals later today to see the wounded and their families.
2 dead
23 wounded, 6 of whom are in a very serious condition.
How horrible. Especially this year when Koniginnendag should be extra celebrated special in honour of queen Juliana. Now her centennary will be forever overshadowed by this.
I've got no words of this.
My eyes are even an bit teary. Queensday will never be the same.
2 dead
23 wounded, 6 of whom are in a very serious condition.

Oh God,just too awfull to comprehend.

Statement at the Royal House website±

Het Koninklijk Huis

In light of the horrible accident in Apeldoorn today all festivities for Queensday there have been cancelled.

Her Majesty,also on behalve of the other members of the Royal Family,states She is completely shocked,
and they all convey their most sincere sympathy with the berieved and the wounded families.
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Apparently the little girl of 7/8 that is seen on photo's and videos is one of the 2 that died.
We are hearing here in Portugal that it has been confirmed that it was not an accident and that the Queen and the royal family were targetted.
No accident indeed, the driver has been arrested and taken to the police station, not to the hospital (so no heart attack!).

The Prime Minister arrived from Warschau at Rotterdam airport. He will make a statement on tv soon.
The NOS showed the route of the driver, over the Jachtlaan. He seems to be driving in a straight line to the royal bus. In the end the car change direction a bit, perhaps by the people he drove over he was unable to steer his car. Thank god he didn't have explosives!

At palace het Loo the flag is half mast, I am doing the same.
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All my love goes out to the Dutch people today. What a horrible thing to happen on such a special day.
Statement by the prime minister , Dr. J.P. Balkenende, from rotterdam airport:

expressing his deep shock, and talks about the deaths and says that worse news must be feared.

He also spoke to HM the queen, and he expresses his support to her and her family.

It seems the driver followed the programme precisely. The programme was delayed 20 minutes, but the driver was able to hit the needle at exactly the time the royal bus was driving there.
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This is dreadful. It is awful that this day of celebration has been destroyed by this crazy and evil man. My thoughts go out to Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and all the Dutch People.
It has been confirmed that the daughters of WA and Maxima were in palace het Loo, and would probably participate in the afternoon. Let's hope they won't understand what happened.
I have seen the Dutch TV footage on the BBC News Website and I am shocked at what has happened. Queen's Day is such a wonderful day for everyone to celebrate and enjoy the parade and party - especially for children - and for them to witness the carnage of this must be shocking and traumatic. I will be thinking about those poor people who have died and been injured so needlessly and will light candles this evening in the garden in honour of them.

This will have been a dreadful shock to Queen Beatrix and the Royal Family too who witnessed the event. Queen's Day is something Queen Beatrix obviously loves, to see all the crowds enjoying themselves, and espcially this year which is the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Juliana.

Finally, I have to say that we were all looking forward so much to seeing some wonderful pictures today and so in a small way for us on TRF it is a very sad day too.:hug: :dutchstandard: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
I just saw this in the news, portuguese tv reports 4 people died and at least 14 injured people, the tv also show the royal family shocked faces while that happened. Such an horrible thing to happen in such a great day. I only hope everything is right and no more people have died or any more injured people.
That info is not correct; 2 people are dead, 23 are injured where 6 are critical.

*sorry, missed a number
The telephone network around Apeldoorn has trouble coping with all the extyra calls. Everybody is checking if their family members/friends that are in Apeldoorn are ok.
The sites of RTL and NOS etc are not particulary fast too. A lot of internet-traffic now.
Some witnesses claim to have heard gun shots, as was told on TV Gelderland. It is unclear if they were fired by the police or not.

The mayor of Apeldoorn was overheard saying that it was NOT an accident but intentional by Omroep Fryslan.

ANP News: the police is now at the house of the driver.
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