Countess of Wessex expecting second baby in December 2007

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Wonderful and fantastic, isn't enough.
Best wishes, I will have my fingers crossed the whole way - promise!
What a great news!!!
Wish them all the best:flowers:
Wonderful news! When I read it on hello! I was in little shock but that's great. I wish them another one little.:angel:
My best wishes to them! Hope everything will be alright.:flowers:
I never had expected such news. They didn´t look happy to me...
ooooooh it 's so great :D haven't ever thought that they would really have another child, it was the last thing i expected to read :p so wonderful news.
now you have to agree that she looked like she had a little bit more weight on ascot :D remember the pics with her belt :lol:

:flowers::flowers: great news and best wishes
:flowers: This is trully wonderful news! :flowers:

I'm very happy for the couple and for Lady Louise. And waiting forward to the new addition to the British Royal Family.

I'm not too surprised though, I suspected we might hear some exiting news after seeing this picture from getty - a gesture, that is often anticipated by Royal watchers. ;)
This is great! How old is the Countess of Wessex now?

Wow this is great news.
Congratulations to the whole family :flowers:
Gita said:
This is great! How old is the Countess of Wessex now?
The Countess of Wessex (Sophie Helen; née Rhys-Jones, born 20 January 1965. So she is 42 and 5 months.
WOW!! I really didn't think they would have anymore children. But congratulations to them and a safe healthy baby.
I'm thrilled for them. Sadly not a new Prince or Princess but a new Lord or Lady is good enough.
That might explain some of her recent absences from family events.

This is late in the pregnancy to be announcing it - usually the announcement comes after just a couple of months. I suppose that given the Countess's age and history of difficult pregnancies, they wanted to get past the first three months before making an announcement.
At 42, she would certainly have an amniocentesis, which they do at 16 weeks and you get the results back at 18 weeks. If I calculate right she's about 19-20 weeks along. How great for her at her age! I wonder if they did the fertility treatments or if this was a happy surprise. Either way great for all concerned!
Wonderful, wonderful news. For my favourite and dedicated royal couple.
I had always thought it a pity that they will only have one child. But now! A most wonderful surprise. Congratulations to TRH the Earl and Countess of Wessex.
Oh please! they should do away with this Lord and Lady titles for their offsprings and instead use the Prince or Princess of Wessex titles.
right avalon :D that was the picture i thought of in my previous post :D
now it's obvious what it was xD
Congratulations to Edward, Sophie & Louise! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

This is wonderful news!
Awsome my Best to All im hoping for a little son .. but as long as its Healthy! <3
I wasn't expecting this. Congratulations to Edward, Sophie and Louise. I hope the pregnancy goes well this time.
I wonder if she could be having twins? Doesn't the possibility of multiplies increase with your age?
I can't wait to see what they have.
Thisi s fabulous news! I am so excited and happy for the family!
To echo many of the posters--I was not expecting this wonderful news either! This his truly happy news and I am just thrilled for the Earl and Countess of Wessex, as well as the entire family. A new baby is always an exciting arrival.
Wow, this is the second surprise pregnancy of this year!
First Princess Alexia (who's gonna turn 42 in about a week) and now the Countess of Wessex!
Great news for all involved, I hope a happy and healthy pregnancy and I'm very happy that Louise is getting a sibling, I hope we can see the whole family at birth:wub:
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So very pleased for this couple. Hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

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