Countess of Wessex expecting second baby in December 2007

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I'm very happy for the couple. Congratulations to them, hoping that everytinhg goes well.
Ahhhh, what great news, I have to say I did not expect that they would get another child, so the surprise is so big, I wish them all the best!
A brother or sister for Louise, how happy she will be...:wub:
This is blessed news!

I hope Prince Edward does not have any travel plans in November or December. That would be a shame if he missed another birth because he was out of the country.
Oh! Yea! I'm so happy for them. Congratulations to the couple!:flowers:
I am very delighted, it is a kind of miracle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow what a great news I hope this pregnancy go well.
Congratulations to the whole family and especially to Edward and Sophie and Louise.
wonderful news i also hope everything goes well. this is such happy news i'm just thrilled for them! i'm sure they are over the moon:)
This is such wonderful news. I wish them all the best of luck because i know how much they've wanted a secon child for a long time
That might explain some of her recent absences from family events.

This is late in the pregnancy to be announcing it - usually the announcement comes after just a couple of months. I suppose that given the Countess's age and history of difficult pregnancies, they wanted to get past the first three months before making an announcement.
What a pleasant suprise! Congratulations to them. I always hoped they would have one more.
Question, now, regarding titles. If this little one is a boy (which I hope is is, so the Dukedom of Edinburgh will continue on for at least another generation!) it can be assumed he'll be XX Windsor, Viscount Severn, right? So when/if Edward gets the Dukedom of Edinburgh, will his children just remain as they are (Louise and possible sister as Ladies/Louise as a Lady, possible brother as....Earl of something. Merioneth, maybe?) or gain a royal rank (HRH Princess Louise & HRH Prince/ss NN of Edinburgh/Wessex/whatever)

These days, where they seem to be making it up as they go along, goodness knows what's likely to happen. Normally I think, if precedent is any guide, the grandson of a monarch would just be known as HRH Prince xxx of Wessex (Prince Richard of Gloucester was never known as the Earl of Ulster in his father's lifetime, nor was his elder brother before him). But that would be very unfair on his sister; if they decided to go that way, I hope they'd make it fair for her and start calling her HRH Princess Louise. If they decide to stick with the Lord/Lady nonsense, I assume the boy would be known as Viscount Severn.

If Edward gets the Edinburgh title and they still hadn't been in the habit of calling his son HRH Prince xxxx of Wessex, then the chances are that the boy would use the highest subsidiary title as his courtesy title; it might not be Earl of Merioneth because this would be a new creation of the Edinburgh title, and the subsidiary titles wouldn't have to be the same as they are now.
Amazing News! :flowers:
Wow, that's a true surprise! I'm happy for the parents and whish them all the best!
Congratulations to the Earl and the Countess of Wessex!
Congratulations! I'm very happy for them
what a suprise!! I hope everything goes well this time round, she didnt have such a good first pregnancy. This is unexpected news but it'll be nice for her daughter to get a brother/sisiter
Congratulations!!! What a great news, that's fantastic!!!
Congrats to the whole royal family! Hope everything will go smoothly.
What wonderful news. I'm very happy for them!
If/when Edward is created Duke of Edinburgh, wouldn't it make sense to create no other titles with it and let the Earldom of Wessex and Viscountcy Severn be the subsidiary titles? That's how most titles were acquired before the modern era (accumulation rather than one large grant).
What a happy announcement and I guess this explains some of the Countess' recent absences. I hope that she has a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. Best wishes to the Wessex family.:flowers:
What a lovely surprise !

Congrats to the little growing family :flowers:

I think it's a girl :rolleyes:
How lovely for them!:flowers:

I hope it's a girl, so that Louise won't be 'pushed down' (yes, I know she's already so far down that it doesn't matter, but it's the principle of the thing...:rolleyes:).
Wonderful news and very surprising! Hopefully Sophie will have an easier pregnancy this time around!
Wonderful!! I just logged in to my computer hoping to see new photos of Princess Isabella's baptism and first thing I see is this totally unexpected news. I feel teary-eyed at this moment since I really thought that Sophie would not have another baby and I know how she must feel at this moment, so thrilled, anxious, nervous and totally happy!!!

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