Colorized photos of the Romanovs

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Velkoknezna Maria, you are so talented and oh ... I can't describe you with words! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! :)
;) Once again, I will tell you that your colourings are perfect! It's all very PRECIOUS! I just love the colourings of Ella, and Maria Nicholaievna... It's so pretty.:wave: I never can stop looking at your amazing work, Maria. I can't stop telling you how brilliant those colourings are...
Magnificence incarnate those photographs. A nice glimpse into what we lost near a century ago.
Thank you so much, Maria, for the new pictures. I love them, as always. :flowers:

My favorites are the ones of Maria and Ella. :wub: Btw, I had never seen the picture of Nicky and Alix before.
I'm sorry that I'm being annoying again, Maria...May I please have the black and white photos for Ella? I never saw them before, and I like these photos very much.
Anastasia in 1907

OTMAA in 1910

Tatiana, Anastasia and Maria in 1908

OTMA in 1914

Anastasia in 1910

Maria and Tatiana in 1913
I love your pics,dear Anastasia,you are an artist.I love specially the fourth one.
Great to see some of your pictures again, AE. :flowers: They're all perfect, but I have to say I love the one of Anastasia the most. :)
Well done to all who've brought a new light and lifelike state to the many photographs in this very well done and beautiful thread!!! I thank each of you who had put in the hard and impressive work sincerely. I'm even more glad I joined this forum and had found this thread because of it. Again well done, you've just make my night an excellent one. Keep up the greatness!!!!
Excellent work! I love them all, those soft and gentle colours! My fav is OTMAA in 1910! And you´re not annoying:)

Ella Ella 2



Andrei Alexandrovich

Princess Dagmar with her brother Willy

Elena Vladimirovna with duaghters

Elena once more

Alix and May

Dagmar and Alix

Maria Pavlovna with son Kyril

My personal favourite - children of Grand Duke Konstantin



OTMAA with souns, sons of Grand Duchess Xenia

Sorry for such a long post.
First of all, I think that it is wonderful to see your colorings again Anastasia! They're absolutely stunning! I love all of them! :)
Velkoknezna Maria, yours are also splendid! I can't point a favorite out :)
Thank you all for your kind comments. I am also happy to colour again too!
BTW- Thank you Maria for the black and white photos. Lovely new pictures of Olga and Tatiana. Your photos are so beautiful. Amazing job! I can't ever stop telling you how much I love your colourings...
for the two artists concerned

hi ...
what great artists you both are, i greatly abmire your work, you are so talented !! yes it such a treat to view the colorized photos of the Romanovs...its so :cool:

theres a question i would like to ask though... how do you know the correct colour of the dresses etc, you must spend hours researching the sudject to know the colours !!:sad:

please keep the photos coming, they bring enjoyment into our lives..keep the good work, it is much appreciated indeed :D

well done to the both of you !:flowers::flowers:
Wow, it's been long since I last visited this thread, but I see that there's still the talent here. Congrats for the pics!
First of all - THANK YOU all!
Second - I´m going to disappoint jonnydep. You see in only several rare cases we are able to find out about the actual colour of the dresses. For example we know that court dresses of Olga and Tatiana in 1913 were of white and pink. But most of the timw it depends only on the colourer to choose whichever colour he"she finds most fitting or beautiful....


Prince Oleg Konstantinovich

Empress Minnie with Misha, Xenia, Olga and two of Xenia´s boys


Olga and Tatiana

Maria Pavlovna with her sister

Nicky and Alix

Alix was so lovely! I can never understand why she had such a severe/haughty demeanor in her photos.:previous:
Velkoknezna Maria, those pictures are fantastic! I especially love the one of Olga and Tatianam it is amazing, thank you so much for posting your wonderful pictures here :)
Velkoknezna Maria,
I love the one of Maria and Mikhail! You're really good at this. Keep up the good work! :D
Grand Duchess Elizabeth

Maria &Anastasia in 1914

Maria in 1914

Maria and Anastasia in 1914





Wow, those pictures are STUNNING! :) I love them Anastasi! :) My fav must be the last one of Maria, but again, they're all so beautiful!
I LOVE the third pic, the one of Maria. The picture gives her such an aura. Beautiful!
Beautiful! Those are really charming and lovely! I like most Tatiana in the woods and 1914 formal one of Anastasia.....

Nicholas, Alexei, Tatiana and Nikita

Maria and Anastasia

Minnie and Nicky

Natalie Paley

Nicky and Alicky engagement photo

Princess Paley

Felix and Irina

Alexander III. and his tiny wife


Imperial family

Ducky and Ella


Nicky and Baby

Glad to hear that! :)



Nicky and Georgiy

Ducky with daughter Maria

Maria Kyrilovna

Olga Konstantinovna


Marie Pavlovna Jr.

Maria and Olga

Imperial family


Nicky with children

Family gahering, 1890
Tatiana 1911

Maria 1911

Alexandra 1906


Alix with children

Anastasia 1914

Alix and Alexei 1913

Grand Duke Vladimir

OTMA with Olga Alexandrovna and Maria Fyodorovna

Maria 1911
Keep the wonderful photos coming! It's such a thrill to see them colorized. Thank you!
I'm still being blown away by the pictures here! I really fell for the 1906 photo of Alexandra, that one's gorgeous!!! Well done everyone :D
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