Civilian Career Ideas for British Royal Family

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HRH Kimetha said:
I thought he talked about having dyxlexia? (spelling?)
I believe that was just a rumor, the palace firmly denies.
Skydragon said:
He does receive payment for his 'employment' and he does have an office, however he would probably not have been in the running for this job, if he hadn't been one of the Queens sons. :rolleyes:

As the previous encumbent was the Duke of Kent, it seems as if it is a job for a member of the Royal Family so being one of the Queen's sons would seem to be a very good qualification.

In time I suspect it will pass to Harry but....
chrissy57 said:
As the previous encumbent was the Duke of Kent, it seems as if it is a job for a member of the Royal Family so being one of the Queen's sons would seem to be a very good qualification.

In time I suspect it will pass to Harry but....
It is a job than any qualified LO1 could do, in this case it really seems to be an invented job, to justify taxpayers money being used to supplement the income of a member of the Royal Family.
cowarth said:
Taxes pay the royal families income?

Well, yes. How else do they get paid? If you're on the civil list, taxpayers foot the bill for your endeavors, as it were.
Barbara Castle used to tell a story about when she visited the Queen and Princess Margaret at Windsor for tea. The Queen said, "Excuse me Barbara, Charles is sitting his A-Levels tomorrow and he's a little bit nervous. I must go up and see him". The Queen then turned to Princess Margaret and said, "We would never have passed A-Levels Margot". Barbara Castle then said, "I'm sorry Ma'am but I'm sure you would have" and then when she recounted the story she said that she believed the Queen was extremely intelligent and would most certainly have been a high-flier education-wise had she gone to university.
cowarth said:
Taxes pay the royal families income?
Taxpayers foot the bill for these 'extra special' jobs, that could be done just as well by a civil servant earning a lot less than AMA!
Maybe a civil servant could do the job but....having a member of the RF do it adds a lot of cache to the job.

In other words the sucking up comes better from a member of the RF than from a no name civil servant.
Andrew took the job when he left the service.
Harry could study at a trade school, he likes to work with his hands.
Artist? Doesn't Viscount Linley do really avantgarde furniture designs???

Until William gets hitched and produces an heir, decreasing the pressure on Harry to be on ready as the "spare", then I think Harry will wander rather aimlessly as far as a career goes. I keep thinking about all the conflicts of interest that must be considered as the 3rd in line to the throne if he were to work anywhere...

Glad I'm just little me, and not one of "them".
Henri M. said:
I think there are a lot of opportunities, simply see foreign examples:

Don Jaime de Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada, Duke of Lugo:
Managing Director's Senior Advisor for Crédit Suisse First Boston, Advisor for Sociedad General Inmobiliaria and President of the Winterthur Foundation.

Prince Friso, Count van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg:
Director of TNO Space Technologies

Archduke Lorenz of Habsburg-Este, Prince of Belgium:
General Partner E. Gutzweiler & Cie. Banquiers Basel, Geneva & Zürich

Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands:
Strategic Consultant for the RAND Corporation Europe in Brussels. Furthermore he is advisor to the European Commission in Brussels.

Don Iñaki Urdangarín Liebaert, Duke of Palma:
Director of planning and development for Motorpress Ibérica and a founding partner of Noos Consultoría Estratégica.


Most of these royals actually have positions in companies and not just as advisors. Very commendable.

Why can't the higher-royals get positions like these? I think that even Prince Charles should be allowed to do something like this as he does have some passions about many different things. His interests seem to beg for running more the Duchy and opening hospitals (not a putdown).

What is Peter Philips doing now? Is he still in sports medicine? And, does he have any charities that he is involved with?
Work with the Forestry service.

Build houses for Habitat for Humanity.
Cowarth, this was meant to be a serious discussion. It's not meant to be a list of jobs plucked out of the air. Thanks.
In finding a career for Harry, what are his:
Just some food for thought?
Peter Philips works for the Royal Bank of Scotland now.
Go work for Sotheby's (art appraiser???...would he need more schooling?)

Roving charity ambassador (something like the Princess Royal does)
Harry could be a spokesperson for Sentebale. The organization and Harry both believe in the work that is being done in Lesotho.
But is a spokesperson a "career"?. This has to be something that is challenging and fulfilling and something that will be a full-time job.
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Had it not been for the costume incident he could have made quite a good ambassador or Governor-General but as we know, some people will never let him forget it and he'd take a pasting in the press if he was appointed to that kind of position I'm sure.
Does Harry have the diplomatic skills to be an ambassador??
Well anybody can be an ambassador if they have a silver tongue and know what fork to use.
Are ambassadors the main point of contact between governments?
Well, they represent the Government of the country they're from so Harry could be Ambassador to Sweden or something. In the same vein he could be a high commissioner. Making him a Govenor-General and thus having a member of the Royal Family permanently in some commonwealth nations might be quite a bonus especially with Canada and Australia.
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