CIA report: King Zog had affair with his sister Princess Senije

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Mar 4, 2014
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Does anyone have any thoughts about the CIA report that was released last month about the relationship between Ahmed and Senije Zog. The reason I ask is that our family has been on a quest for the last two decades trying to find out who our grandmother was.

We have anyways thought she was the daughter of Princess Senije (although records say there were no children) A few items she left us say that may not be the truth.

Any thoughts are welcome:flowers:
Is the princess senije zogu the princess who marrirs in the 30s an ottoman prince
On the ottoman geanology isn't a children. What is on the roports?
King and his sister?
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yes but we believe that she was either a half sister or not a sister at all
Per CIA reports from 1949 that were recently declassified and disseminated in the media, King Zog and his sister Senijé (Xenia) were engaged in an affair during the exile of the Albanian royal family in Egypt.

American attorney Edgar Church, the CIA source, was the legal representative of King Zog in the US and the husband of a cousin of Queen Geraldine.

Church states that the queen was aware of the affair between her husband and sister-in-law.

Sources (with copies of the declassified documents):
Dokumenti i CIA-s: Ahmet Zogu, incest me motrën | GAZETA DITA
CIA: Incesti dhe arkat me flori në dhomat e Zogut | GAZETA DITA VOL. 14 (BGFIEND OPERATIONS)_0037.pdf

King Zog of Albania (1895-1961) married Countess Geraldine Apponyi (1915-2002) in 1938. Their only child, Leka, was born in 1939.

Princess Senijé (d.1969) married Prince Muhammad Abid Effendi of Turkey (1905-1973) in 1936. The union was childless and ended in divorce in 1949. Senijé was one of the last three surviving Zoglets - all of whom died within months of one other in 1969.

Video from the festivities surrounding the wedding of Princess Senijé in Tirana: MOT 1936: ROYAL MARRIAGE: King Zog leading sister Senije's - T3Media
CIA report

Thanks Ben,

I have read and seen those reports, we believe that the relationship between Ahmed and Senije started way before he married Geraldine. Muslims could have more than one wife and we believe that Senije was his first one ( I know records do not reflect that). I just found a picture of the two them that was taken quite a while ago and she looks like she could be pregnant. Sometimes you have to look outside the box, things are not as them seem. My grandmother had also told us that her mother was Senije and she was told that by several people, unfortunately most of these people are now gone.

I have posted these pictures before but I will show you. The postcard you see has been posted on other websites by someone other than me by paste and copy so its already all over the place. We have the original one with Albanian writing on the back. The plate is original, so is the picture of the man that raised her here in the USA. (not her father?). We also have a 24x24 scroll (original) of the postcard. Strange that she would have these items?

Just something to think about, Karen


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At the first pic she seems pregnant. Your grandmother is the daughter of princess senije?
Is the father of your grandmother king ahmed zogu or the ottoman prince? I thinknthis thread is interesting. When princess senije was not the sister of ahmet zogu why he dont marry her? And why he want to marry that she marry an ottoman prince?
Princess Senije

We do think he married her, but years before he married Geraldine. We believe that he married her off (Senije) for political reason. This again is our theory, that she may have been his 1/2 or full sister. Everything that we have been told and seen leads us to believe that Ahmed is the father of my grandmother. But again proving it will be difficult. Years of research has have brought suspicions, theories, and suggestions to just let it go, it happened years ago?

My grandmother could read, write and speak fluent Albanian. So our family is again reaching out to anyone who can (or will, Albanians take secrets to the grave) shed light on this new CIA report. The report as I stated early makes my grandmothers claim to be more likely true than not
I have a question? Ahmet zogu has an affair with his sister?

That's what the report states, but again we don't think that she was a sister maybe half by name. There were big political struggles in and around Albania during that time. Power was important, marrying into the right family was too. Others may be shocked by this report but we are not, to the world this was incest. To us...makes more likely they were not related?
Eventually cousins?
And after the realationship both marries member of other royal familys?
Has your grandmother any pictures with her mother?
Just on the scroll, my grandmothers story is very sad. The man that raised her passed away in 1949, there after she burned everything of his. The only thing that was saved were the items I have posted. The picture (of Baba) shows she meant to cut his head off but didn't. She told us her childhood was horrific, so we really didn't push her to get information. There was a double opal ring that she had, beautiful we traced that back to Harry Weinstein in New York , also back to the Mediterranean. It was lost in a robbery at my cousins home! :( We just went by what she had told us about her mother (being Senije Zogu). Years later she developed lung cancer and decided that now was the time to really discover who she was. She visited Tekkes, people from Albania, talked to old friends (so of whom would whisper into her ear "remember you come from royalty"), but would not tell her how they knew. She passed away in 1988 not knowing who she was, who her mother/father were, no aunts, uncles, cousins.

Its been very difficult to prove anything

So thi
Thanks for the information:) when was ahmet zogu the king of Albania? Born your grandmother before he was the king?
It is quite common among certain Muslim tribes to marry endogamously- that is to closely related partners. The idea is to keep money and property within the family. This was also practiced in Europe- especially Southern Europe. When you consider that Queen Donna Maria I of Portugal married her own uncle (Dom Pedro III) and bore children by him, an incestous relationship between Ahmed Zogu and his sister/half-sister doesn't seem so bizarre.
The Albanian Royal Family was on friendly terms with Egypt's King Farouk. When Farouk was in exile, he needed documents to travel on, but Albanian documents were unavailable to Farouk, deposed in 1952, because Zog had himself been deposed in 1939. So instead Monaco's Prince Rainier III gave Farouk honorary Monégasque nationality.
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