Churches Where Royals Married

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On 22 May 2004, the marriage of King Felipe VI, then crown prince, to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano took place at the Almudena Cathedral, Madrid.

The Church of Our Lady is the cathedral of Copenhagen. It is situated on the Frue Plads public square in central Copenhagen, next to the historic main building of the University of Copenhagen.

Royal Weddings in the church:
1363 – Wedding of Margaret I of Denmark and King Håkon VI of Norway
14 May 2004 – Wedding of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, and Mary Elizabeth Donaldson,_Copenhagen
Margrethe I was married in the old medieval Church Our Lady in Copenhagen,that church was destroyed in October 1728 during the Fire of Copenhagen .

The church was later rebuilt but all of the medieval monuments/stained glass and furnishings were lost.

Church of Our Lady c1520
Louise of Wales, the future Princess Royal, married the Earl and future Duke of Fife at Buckingham Palace's Chapel Royal, July 27, 1889.

On July 22, 1896, her sister Princess Maud married her cousin Prince Carl of Denmark, in what turned out to be the wedding of the future King and Queen of Norway.

The chapel was destroyed in the German bombing of London in 1940.
Prince Stanislaus of Bavaria and Isabella Hampel were married on May 25, 2024 at the Benediktiner-Kloster Stift St. Peter in Salzburg, Austria.
The future Henri II of France married Catherine de Médicis, in October 1533 at l'Église Saint-Ferréol les Augustins in Marseilles.
It was ransacked and pillaged in 1793 during the Terror and almost demolished but was saved and restore during the Bourbon Restoration.
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