Christmas with the Norwegian Royal Family

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I love this pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all photos
Where were these pictures taken?
I love the blue walls made of wood and I really love the blue china in the hutch behind them!
:wub:sweet family pictures! Little Severre is a mini pic of Marius, they look a lot like their mom, and little Ingrid defently takes from her dad:rolleyes:
Where were these pictures taken?
I love the blue walls made of wood and I really love the blue china in the hutch behind them!

The pictures were taken at Kongssetern - the royal lodge. :flowers:
These lovely pix make my day, such a good looking family !
Oh, Magnus is looking more and more like great-grandpa Olav every time we see him!
I am quite upset the Behn's aren't there. In the Danish Christmas photo shoot the both the Queen's children are there with ther sisters and families.
lovely pictures, the childrens are so cute
thans for all pic:flowers:
Yes, Sverre Magnus looks very much his great-grandpa Olav. And Ingrid Alexandra looks so much his father:)
I liked very much the picture of sweet Sverre Magnus with his grandfather with the napkin,all the pictures are adorable.
And I'd like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.:flowers: :wreath:

The favourite is of course the picture of Sverre Magnus (who's more adorable then ever) trying to 'clean' the King's face. I think the King is kissing his hand in that picture. :wub:

And Ingrid Alexandra has become a mini-copy of her Mom and her older brother - the resemblance, especially in these pictures, was just striking! :queen4: :wub:[/quote]
AMAZING!!!! I love this family. Ingrid is such a pretty little girl. And Sverre is super adorable! I have to say they are getting cuter and cuter as they grow! I just wish they would cut Marius' hair. He looks better with a shorter one...

I can just imagine in this pic:

Sverre: No no no grandpa! That's not the way to do it!
Queen and Ingrid: Hihihi... He's got no idea on what he's doing... :ROFLMAO:

Such a sweet family. We can see how happy the King and Queen are. :wub: Ingrid is so talkative ;) And Sverre just keeps on eating... :)

Could anyone please translate what they were saying on this video? Kongelig julekos - Side2 Please please please???

Does this mean this will be the only photoshoot for the NRF? I mean before they usually have 2. One of the Crown Prince's family and then one with the whole family....
I loved the pictures, thanks everyone for posting. Isn't it funny the Magnus looks more like Marius then he does I-A. He looks just like a smaller version of Marius. Wonderful family. Hopefully we will see Martha and family later.
I am quite upset the Behn's aren't there. In the Danish Christmas photo shoot the both the Queen's children are there with ther sisters and families.
Usually the Behn Family is included into the photo sessions. It's the first year they weren't inclueded (why ever. I have no idea).

There'll probably be pictures of King Harald and Queen Sonja and their daughter's Family today as they celebarte Christmas Eve together. They are going to attend the church service in Lommedalen together.. So we might get to see pictures of the Royal Couple with their grandchildren Maud and Leah today. :rolleyes:

I really loved this year's pictures. It is amazing to see how much Magnus changed during the last 5 months.The last time we saw him (Skaugum pictures in summer) he yet looked like a little toddler.. now his face features look quite different.
He is super adorable anyway! He indeed looks more and more like his older brother Marius!
Well, Ingrid looks like Sonja when she was in her age! Don't you think so? She has the same , big and dark eyes. She's a beautiful little girl.
I loved the bow in her hair! Cute thing!
IMHO, I think that the little kids are dressed alike because they are little, I don't think it has anything to do with they are royal. As much as we know about the Princely family, I bet they let Marius decide what he wanted to wear as long as it was appropriate for the pictures. Being almost a teenager, I wouldn't have wanted to have to dress like my little sister and brother, because that is what they are to him, no matter what their royal status.
I would of also loved to see all the family together but hopefully we will see M-L's family today.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Lovely to see Sverre at church for the first time.
Wonderful pictures, thanks for posting!!!
Merry Christmas
Nice to see the Behn Family too! :)
It seems everyone follows the trend and dresses the toddlers in "partner-look" ;).
Leah is such a lovely child. Great to see her lille Ma again.

Trygt på pappa Aris arm - Side2
Oh yes, the King and the Queen must be very proud of their grandchildren, and why not extra ones next year ?
Leah is so cute! She looks so much like her mom. :wub:

My mother also used to dress me and my sister in matching outfits. But different colors though... ;)
Yes, that picture is scary, it reminds me of Michael Jackson in Thriller!! It shouldn't have been published. Anyway, I have found other sites where you can see the pictures of the royal family on christmas maybe with an extra picture of the king and sverre:- Julekos på Kongsseteren - the very same gallery can be found on:- Julekos på Kongsseteren - . You can also find bigger pictures of the royal family in Lommedalen at: forsiden - Maybe it is the second or by now the third gallery. Enjoy!
For the forsiden-seher pics, it came up as Nicolette Sheridan on vacation.:ermm: I like Edie, but I'd rather see pictures of the Norwegian royals at Christmas!:lol: Maybe I clicked the wrong thing?

And also, for that stuffed toy monkey, is that Ingrid's or Magnus'? It seems to be with Magnus at the photoshoot, but Mette-Marit is carrying it while with Ingrid....
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