Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, News Part 3: November 2015 - June 2023

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Happy birthday to the lovely twins!
Very nice photos!
I've figured out that Josephine is mini-Mary(and so does Christian,but much less),Isabella is a mix of her father and her maternal aunt Patricia, but what about Vincent?
Hello Magazine article:
New portraits of Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent of Denmark released to celebrate their sixth birthday

BB birthday video:
VIDEO: Så søde er fødselsdagsbørnene prins Vincent og prinsesse Josephine | BILLED-BLADET

BT video:

The new birthday pictures published on Kongehuset's official Facebook:

Over 20,000 likes and so far almost 1000 of greetings to Vincent and Josephine today (one of the most popular post on the DRF's Facebook ever - together with the picture of F&M's being celebrated by friends at their Copper Wedding.)

Enjoy a HUGE gallery with 100 lovely pictures - in chronological order - from Vincent and Josephines's birth to today :flowers:
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Lovely photos of the twins:flowers:. If I am correct they'll be starting school at the end of summer.
Beautiful photos and absolutely gorgeous twins! Josephine is all her mother!
Gorgeous pics from Kongehuset's Facebook page.

Josephine reminds me of Isabella at that age. Boisterous and happy and always dancing!

I noticed that Christian and Isabella are truly big brother and sister to the twins. There are several heartwarming pics for example of Christian guiding Vincent along and Isabella picking up and consoling Josephine. I hope they continue to grow up being very close ?
Lovely photos of the twins:flowers:. If I am correct they'll be starting school at the end of summer.

That's pretty certain.

So come August we could look forward to some lively pictures in front of Amalienborg. :)
:previous: And this time it will be double-lively :D

I am pretty sure that the new wonderful birthday pictures of Vincent and Josephine are the yearly portraits pictures taken in the kindergarten. The photographer Pernille Rohde is a very used photography used in kindergartens and schools for the children's yearly portraits pictures.

And the pictures look exactly like the kind of pictures. You can choose packages with color and black/white, as well as individual portraits and siblings portraits (which is very obvious with twins)
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Well, the birthday party for the twins last Sunday must have been very lively!

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #02, 2017.
Written by Karina Didriksen and Ulrik Ulriksen.

Who took up position in front of Amalienborg last Sunday forenoon.

The first guests started to arrive at 09.55 and by 10.15 the last of no less than 33 guests altogether had arrived for the party.
Some parked nearby and walked to the mansion, others drove in by the main gate (that's the gate to the left, when you stand in front of the mansion) to park in the inner courtyard.
At some point Christian and Vincent were seen looking for the guests at the other gate, the kitchen gate, so to speak.

At 11.08 farmor Margrethe drove out from her mansion and drove across the square to visit her two grandchildren. She left 1½ hours later.
The lasts guest left around 15.00.

At some point shortly before the changing of the guards at noon, M&F and all four children were seen in the kitchen windows. (That's the windows over the kitchen-gate). In the windows little Dannebrogs could be seen as well.
The children waved to our reporters standing on the square. - There are no photos of that in the article. The DK laws on privacy are strict! Just because children wave to you, that's no excuse to take photos of them, let alone publish them. They are still on private grounds.
A little later QMII as well came to the window to have a peek at our reporters it seems. :p
But at noon, when the changing of the guards took place, the family appears to have joined the rest of the party.

The guests were:
Bendt Tido Wedell, with two children.
Peter Bang, with two children. Peter Bang is a close friend of Frederik.
Joachim with his two youngest. But our Marie was not there.
Jakob and Stephanie Blom, with two children. One of them, a daughter, attends the same kindergarten as the twins.
Otto and Helle Reedtz-Thott and two of their three children.
Countess Caroline with two children.
Christian Levin and his wife Sofie Glahn with daughter.

But on Monday the twins were celebrated in their kindergarten as well.
In the forenoon the children gathered to sing the birthday song for them and shout hurrah. And they each got a present.
In return Vincent and Josephine had brought some treats from home to divide among the children.

You can find the article here somewhere: BB02, 2017

There is also a booklet depicting the 45 year reign of QMII, but that will be uploaded when I get around to scan it.
:previous: Thank you Muhler for sharing the charming anecdotes of Vincent and Josephine's birthday celebrations - it appears that they had fun! Haha, I can imagine that the party was very lively indeed. A great event to be a fly on the wall to.
Kongehuset has published new WONDERFUL pictures of Princess Isabella as she today can celebrate her first round birthday - 10 years old :wub:

Princess Isabella also has recieved a personal royal monogram on her birthday.

Isabella's new royal monogram

What some absolutely lovely pictures we have got af our beautiful and sweet Isabella on her first round birthday. Our Bella isn't so little any longer. She really has grown up from being the most lively little charming ham to the most beautiful big girl with warmth and depth in the charming beautiful blue eyes. ❤ Just as natural as her parents.

Happy birthday Isabella!

BB gallery to celebrate lovely Bella:
35 DEJLIGE BILLEDER: 10 år med prinsesse Isabella | BILLED-BLADET

BB video to celebrate our Bella's first round birthday:
TILLYKKE: Prinsesse Isabella fylder 10 år | BILLED-BLADET

Nice little celebration video from BB:

The new pictures of Isabella are brand new, I can see they was taken only two days ago, on wedneyday 19. April.

Lot's of greeting to Isabella on her 10th birthday on the social media :flowers:


DR article and pictures about Isabella's new monogramme:
Prinsesse Isabella fylder 10 år og får eget monogram | Nyheder | DR

A HUGE gallery with 115 lovely pictures of Bella - just as we know her :flowers:

The Princess's new monogramme on Instagram:
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Isabella's my favorite. :flowers:

Glad to see a professional photographer was hired. This series is gorgeous!
She's so beautiful! She looks so grown up!
Happy Birthday Isabella! [emoji322]She is such a beautiful young lady!Gorgeous [emoji173]
Happy Birthday! I cannot believe that she is already ten years old. I remember enthusiastically awaiting her birth with many of you here on TRF.

She's grown into a beautiful young lady. She's the spitting image of her father, but with her mother's grace and beauty.
Happy Birthday!!! Hope she had a great day with family and friends
I remember her christening photo of her piercing blue eyes. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago.

She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She is gonna be stunning as she grows older!
To me, she's all daddy!!!! My goodness!! How she has grown up! When she was a child, she looked so unruly and boisterous at she is this lovely swan . Frederik better start priming his shotguns....there will be many boys lining up at Amalienborg for his eldest daughter!
To me, she's all daddy!!!! My goodness!! How she has grown up! When she was a child, she looked so unruly and boisterous at she is this lovely swan . Frederik better start priming his shotguns....there will be many boys lining up at Amalienborg for his eldest daughter!
She is a mix of her father and QMII!
Beautiful pics
Bella certainly is a female version of her father (as Mary has expressed it) but I think she looks like her mother more and more. Especially on the new pictures.
Bella clearly has her father's beautiful blue eyes, but the rest is her mother. The feminine heart facial shape, the mouth. A very pretty and natural girl, and confident.

Frederik and Mary in one: ;)
Happy birthday to a beautiful young woman :flowers:

She looks older then ten. Growing into a lovely young woman. Beautiful photos. It's hard to realize this is the girl from a week ago. I guess it us the styling. She is casual and dress like a ten year old. Not in a matching cardigan and skirt look to her sister. She is turning into a young woman right infront of us like Ingrid and Elisabeth.

Definitely looks like her dad to me.
It is amazing how genetics work, especially when you have two parents with very different colourings. My husband and I mimic the CP couple in that regard - I'm of Italian heritage with the dark hair, eyes and olive skin, whereas hubby is of English and Germanic heritage - blonde with blue eyes and pale skin. My eldest is all my husband, except he has my face shape and nose, and my youngest is the male version of me, except his nose! I still play with my eldest's blonde hair because it's so weird for me!

I still remember Isabella's birth- I was on my bed, with my laptop checking whether my article had been accepted into a conference. I wondered, "I wonder if CP Mary has given birth?", so I opened another browser window (geez times have changed) and checked the news...She did and it was a girl! I then saw my article was accepted! I laughed and realised my priorities were a bit muddled...It was early morning in Australia!
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