Christening of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine: April 14, 2011

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I love the fact the children are being allowed to be children. Isabella is up and down out of her seat like a yo-yo, little Henrik is wandering about back and forth to his brothers and no-one has given them a stern look or told them to sit at peace. It's so lovely and not stuffy.

I think it would create more of a scene to reprimand them! Children will be children, no matter the occasion. And they are being well behaved.
Love, love, love Josephine :) In either spelling - Josefine is lovely too. Jury's still out on Vincent, but I guess we'll get used to it in time.

Lovely choice to honour Greenland with Minik and Ivalo.
it's a surprise for me as well... specially because felipe and frederik doesn't look closer than before... i heard that almost nobody likes letizia... some gossip around!!!

for the rest of the list, they're no surprise for me, but i expect some of fred's cousins, like nathalie, alexandra and nicholas...

Almost off topic: when I was in Spain some years ago I've read in a magazine that even Queen Sofia and Infantas Elena and Cristina doesn't like Letizia at all.
Not a big fan of either yet, but like Josephine better then Vincent
I am also not too fond of Vincent but I love Josephine.
In the name guessing thread nobody even mentioned Vincent during 1448 posts ;)
So run me through it, did frederick say a name and then Mary?

Am I the only 1 that likes both names??
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Frederik announced the names of the prince and he was baptised and then Mary announced the names of the princess and she was baptised
Yes, Frederik gave the name for the prince & Mary gave the name for the princess.

I must say, Christan & Isabella were quite adorable walking out of the church hand & hand.
For those wondering, Billed-Bladet is spelling Josephine just like that.
I like both Vincent and Josifine, they are nice names, there are no princes with Vincet in it. HAHAH 1 of the commentaors mentioned Walzing Mathilda!!
Why have Princes Henrik, Joachim, Nikolai and Felix gone by boat?

Isabella is like a little Tigger bouncing about the place.
Josefine is the Danish spelling and is ranked at No. 18 on the Danish charts for 2009. Josephine doesn't even appear in the top 100. I'd bet on Josefine over Josephine. Is there some significance in her sharing a name with her godmother?
The correct spellings, from are:

Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander
Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda
Who are the godparent for the children? Has that been announced?
I love the embellishments on Isabellas dress, I just realized it.
ok, i get the names...
frederik, alexander, good.
josephine, sofia, good too.
the greenland's middle names, also good...
vincent, i haven't decided yet...

but mathilde???? no way!!!!

in general, i like the names, except the girl's last name...

Isabella is/was a ball of energy! I loved her flashing the peace sign to the crowds!
They are posing outside Amalienborg right now and Bella just made the V-sign with both hands.
I hope a photographer got that one.
That is without question the picture of the day! :)

Mary looks lovely and Christian, Isabella and bette Henrik entertained us in the church.
Can anyone upload the video of the christenings as my links died and tehn came back just after the names were said
Did anyone else notice when they were getting in the boat that Nikolai lost his balance and if Joachim hadn't been holding both of his hands he would have fallen
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