Christening of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor: July 6th, 2019

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Just a thought and seeing as its little Archie's Christening perhaps we could all be a bit more reflective and leave out any negative comments just for today?

Amen to that
The pictures are here

Very happy to see Spencers included in the family picture!

Everyone looks lovely and Meghan is positively gloving. Archie is a little cutie, too.
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What lovely pictures! He so cute.
I really could have done without all the negativity on here today!

Yes, Archie is two months old and participating in his first ceremony. I wonder whether he'll cry when the Jordan water is splashed on him. I remember that William was hungry afterwards and wanted to be fed. Diana had to keep offering her little finger as an unsatisfactory substitute until after the photos were finished!
I think Archie takes after Meghan more. Especially the eyes.

And yay christening!
What a beautiful baby, and the photos of the family group are lovely!
He's adorable. And I absolutely love the picture with the family and that they included Diana's family.
Lovely that the Spencer aunts were included. Doria in pink looks very pretty.
Love the photo with the family of three. Archie looks so comfy sandwiched between mom and dad. It appears he might have nodded off. :lol:
So lovely to see his little face at last and he is adorable!!

I agree it is lovely to see the Spencer aunts included. Harry has seemed especially keen to highlight their importance in his life.
Doria looks stunning! Archie is a little Mini Meg ginger. Adorable. And lovely seeing the Spencers. Seems the Sussexes are very close to them.
Lovely that the Spencer aunts were included. Doria in pink looks very pretty.

If Diana's sisters were included in the picture released, query why was her brother not included?
Ok, those are lovely, he's adorable, nice to see his little face properly at last. I'll echo that it's great his Spencer Great Aunts were included. I like what everyone's wearing.
Lovely family photo & Archie is bonny. Good to see Diana's sisters included.
Archie's adorable. I can't wait to see how much he's grown come September/October.
Funnily, Charles Spencer was not in the "send off party" outside St George's at the wedding either. Perhaps Harry has not forgiven him for his speech at Diana's funeral?

I don’t believe Lady Sarah McCorquodale was either. Let’s not go there today. There can be many reasons why someone can’t attend, such as The Queen as someone mentioned above.
Love the black and white picture.
The Earl spent a lot of time in South Africa during Harry and William's youth. Probably he's not so to Harry as his aunts are.
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