Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 7: July 2023 -

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Dress is absolutely chic and perfect. Hair is a bit messy. But she looks beautiful.
A really classy look on Charlotte for at the Cannes film festival.
She looks amazing! Beautiful and very chic.
She looks good (..)
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Very disappointing for it’s ordinariness. She has a figure to die for so can get away with such an unremarkable outfit.
Not a great outfit on Charlotte ,she looks a little messy.
She's looking more and more like her mother every day. Which isn't a bad thing! That white Chanel dress could have just as easily been worn by Caroline 40 years ago, and it would still be chic.
I really like the top but would prefer a more summery material in a pedal pusher trouser.
From what can be seen an elegant look for Charlotte at an exhibition preview in Monaco today, June 6:

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