Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 3: March 2012 - April 2015

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After all Charlotte really looks like a child... She seems to be 18 instead of 28
For that type of music, the guys wear the oversized jeans. Usually they hang really low and their boxer shorts are showing. I think Charlotte is wearing a pair of Gad's old jeans and one of his baseball caps. I love that Charlotte and her mare had matching $ necklaces. Also looked like her dachshund was wearing Raphael's hoodie.
The jeans are not the best but I like the overall look.
Yes, she looked lovely - love the pop of red. Actually, I thought they all looked good.
I love the color combo of black/white/red and Charlotte looked great as she almost always does. But I agree with Florestane, all the Grimaldi ladies looked amazing.
Yes, she looked lovely - love the pop of red. Actually, I thought they all looked good.
They really did. All of them looked lovely but Charlotte really did knock it out of the park with this one
The full-length white gown befitted her serene highness perfectly.
Charlotte looked wonderful and trés chic at the presentation of Jacques and Gabriella. I love her make up as well.
Really very chic I agree both with and without the coat.
January 20, 2015 - In Geneva wearing a Chloe fall 2014 runway jacket and a Chloe top. The overall look is amazing!

Charlotte ** Runway ** Top
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It is funny. When I first saw this top I remember a similar she wore on Venice years ago. A black top with stars. Funny thing both tops are Chloe.
That's not something I would wear but she looks stunning IMO!
I don't like the coat she's wearing. My first thought was, honestly, it looked like a cow with udders. :p Seriously, here's a pic of a cow's hide: thepurplepolkadottedyellowbellylizards: Holy Cow! Manure-to-Biogas Could Generate 3 Percent of US Electric Demand!

and here's the jacket Charlotte was wearing: Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

That said, I loved the black dress she wore: Montre Montblanc

Guey Lun Mei lors du dîner Montblanc organisé à Genève en marge du SIHH le 19 janvier 2014

But the real eye-catcher was the Montblanc watch she wore, STUNNING: Montre Montblanc

Btw, I always find it fascinating video versus pictures, here's a short video of her presentation as the brand new international ambassador for Montblanc:

Charlotte Casiraghi lors du dîner Montblanc organisé à Genève en marge du SIHH le 19 janvier 2014 - ...
I find Charlotte to be a very beautiful woman, moreso even than her mother and her grandmother. It just seems like she won the ultimate gene lottery but, that is not to say that that in itself would do it. She is educated, sophisticated, and has a healthy approach to life.

As a young child she was a beauty and all the way through to adulthood the paparazzi have tracked her life. But unlike many others of similar situation I think the lessons her mother taught her when she was very young have served her well. There has been not rebellion, drugs, scandals (except those created to sell magazines) and her partner is a man of substance not superficiallity.

She lives life on her own terms and seems well able to tell what will look great on her as well as what she can make look great. Sandals to stillettos, she covers every occasion with ease and I don't see her wearing some of the nightmarish ensembles her mother trots around in just because her favourite designer produced it.
Agreed! Her hair and dress are nice, but that lenght! And she is not that tall to look good with that....
I need to see more of this dress. This has the potential to look either really good in real life or complete sh.t.
Dislike her use of lower lid eyeliner though.
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