Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 2: July 2010 - March 2012

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Sorry to hark back to the religious wedding, where Charlotte's dress sense seemed to have left her. Very unusual for her...
The pink dress was fine. It was her hair and hairnet that took a wrong turn.
The Pink dress of the religious wedding was perfect, magnificent. I liked also the hairdo and the veil (velo??) but i was not sure if it was blue or black. I would prefer it on blue than in black.
Charlotte with a hairnet ?? Can this be true ??
PC and Charlotte are very loyal to Karl. They would wear a brown paper bag for him and worse. I think their friendship is more important to them than how they look.
Some of the crap he puts out is often worse than a brown paper bag these last couple of years. Not far off.

Charlotte attending the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show as part of the Paris
Fashion Week at the Grand Palais on July 5, 2011 in Paris, France, wearing a short black dress.

** Full view ** Close up **
Of course. A vale in the half face covering eyes and half nose. Have a look at the pictures.

Boda del Alberto de Mónaco y Charlene Wittstock. Boda Real
When I saw the first picture of her I thought "what the hell has she got on her head"? It looks ghastly. :ohmy:

I don't care what they call it and I don't care that it has a velvet hairband . . . . . . It's still and old fashioned hairnet a la Ena Sharples!!!! :ROFLMAO: When I think of the drubbing HM Queen Elizabeth took for wearing something far nicer, and her at 85 . . . . well, what can I say?

There really is only one question one can ask of these die-hard fashionistas. "Would they wear "The Emperor's New Clothes" if they were designed by their BFF designer? :whistling:
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Certainly everyone has their own opinion so I will add my own :) I did not like her look at the wedding at all. She is a lovely girl but that dress looked like something more appropriate for a 40 year old. She looked very lovely in the evening, however. I do wish she would smile more often.
I loved her look at the wedding. The heels in particular were so FAB. But her look at the Chanel show is ugh. I posted this somewhere else, but I'll post it again: Pretty much everybody at that show disappointed me: Elle Fanning, who is like my 13 year old inspiration, Charlotte, Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung, the list goes on.
Of course. A vale in the half face covering eyes and half nose. Have a look at the pictures.

Boda del Alberto de Mónaco y Charlene Wittstock. Boda Real

I think you have to have a stunning, spectacular face to wear something like that(a semi-veil) and heaven knows Charlotte does have that.

As for the dress itself, I am not crazy about it, but I love that pale pink and black for overall is very French! :whistling: In other words, by themselves the components don't work for me, but I love her completed look.

It is much, much better than the dress she wore to the civil ceremony, which was just awful, imo.
Love Charlotte's outfit even though I'm not a huge fan of the jumpsuit trend.
I just get the idea that Charlotte is still "finding" self fashion wise, hence good days and bad days. Unlimited weath and access to top designers does not mean that one will always look good. She is still young and should idenify a signature look soon. I must confess that I did not particularly like the jumpsuit at all.
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that is the kind of jumpsuit that if I saw it in the stores I would even not look at it...
Discussion posts on who wore it better, Charlotte or SJP has been moved to the
Royal style vs. Celebrity style

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Vogue Fashion Celebration Night 2011 on September 8, 2011 in Paris, France,
wearing a black dress with sleeves with a floral print. I like the idea of the dress, and Charlotte looks
quite elegant in it!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
OH!!!!!! 2850€ !!!!!! My God!

Very nice indeed.

I'm wondering if she just borrows the dresses and return them back. We rerely see her wear them twice!
Can someone identify the shoes? I like them.
Charlotte never fails to amaze me. She chooses her oufits well and is looking more and more elegant by the day. I love this dress. The entire look is perfect for her.
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