Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2005 - July 2010

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Feb 21, 2004
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i just found that charlotte, one of the most fashionable ones in the royal area, didn't have a thread in the fashion forum. perhaps some of the members can help out with different outfits she wore from different brands? :D
Um, I think she wears Chanel because her mom is chummy with Karl Langerfeld and former Chanel model/muse Ines de la Fressange (She was the woman who was holding Caroline's hand in the car after hearing of Stefano's death). Also Karl described Charlotte at age 13 that she was going to be a fashion icon.
thanks for the pics piewi. :) charlotte looks wonderful in almost everything she wears.
Chanel is definitely a staple in Charlotte's wardrobe! Which is probably why she's such a style icon. Chanel is sophisticated and beautiful, you really can't go wrong.
I love the way she dresses..I mean yeah she has designer clothes...but u often see her just wearing converse..and that's awesome!!!

I think Charlotte is really into u konw what brands she wears? and where do u think she shops that's affordable
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can someone identify the brands she uses in thoese photos that are posted
Anything you want to say about Charlotte's fashion sense.
I think she dresses well, and I like the ways she dress cuz she dresses her age.and I can relate cuz I am also a teenager like her!!!
So, whatta think about her fashion? :)

does anybody know where she usually shops?
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i agree with you sparks - she does dress her age but at the same time she never looks trashy....she looks like a sophisticated teenager which is very rare these almost never see girls dressing like her which is a shame because she generally dresses very fashionably and yet at the same time isn't flashy or trashy.
She knows how to mix n' match her clothes really well, which makes her wardrobe/style must more versatile. She finds nice pieces and know how to create an great ensamble which makes her style seem very natural, youthful, and effortless.
Piewi said:
Yes, i agree. Chanel is for her. Karl Langerfield design her first dress, when she was 4 years old!:D

Oh, well, no wonder! Here's a tidbit - Caroline asked for a cocktail dress when she was 4 years old...... so her parents gave her a custom-made Givenchy dress for her fifth birthday.

Char always look good - she looks classy and regal even when wearing casual outfits. I'm no longer a teenager, but I like her sense of style. So besides Chanel, does Char go for other brands, i.e. more "mainstream" (less expensive) ones?
I know that she uses a lot Chanel for purses and clothes like her mother,but she uses too Tod's for somes purses and casual wear:)
I read in a magazine that Charlotte spend lots of money during this holidays is Gucci
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She does love Tod's handbags

She had a Tod's handbag last January in some pics of her and Felix in Paris. I have a page at my website devoted to analyzing her fashion sense, what brands she wears, where to buy her outfits or ones like them. The Tod's bag of January 2005 is there. It's really expensive, though!! Like $600!!
Piewi said:

Char bought the second outfit while out shopping with Valentine!
:D Don't you guys think that one is very Val-ish?

I love these earrings. They seem a bit "old" for her, but still, they work well. I wonder where she got these. They seem lovely enough to belong to Caroline's vintage accessories collection, don't they?

Mandy the Moderator had to delete the pic I attached here because (unbeknownst to me before) attachments aren't allowed in the "Other Things Royal" forums. So basically, the earrings I refer to are the ones Char wore at the Grand Prix d'Amerique in 2004.
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CasiraghiTrio said:
Char bought the second outfit while out shopping with Valentine!
:D Don't you guys think that one is very Val-ish?

Yes it looks like:p :D

casiraghitrio, great website! :)

i loved those red shades she wore...the one where she was with eugeni niarchos... and i think she wore dior, it's the latest eyewear from dior, the glossy shades, and you can find it in their website, it's even their top 10 items for the season...
i'll also post the comparison you made, if you don't mind... i don't think it's chanel if you observe them very closely. the dior may look rounded but another photo of the glossy shades, which i don't have, may show differently...:)
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charlotte's outfits for the enthronement of his uncle albert, obviously by chanel.




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thanks for 2nd!
Posted by tbhrc. Is this another Chanel??

Wow, she went with Chanel at all three events. Lagerfeld was happy about that, no doubt. Char might succeed Caro, after all, in her role as Chanel PosterGirl.
The 3 outfits looks better in char than on the model!
Piewi said:
The 3 outfits looks better in char than on the model!


In Charlotte they look like in a real stunning girl.....
Charlotte is such a beautiful young woman. As a young woman myself, i draw a lot of inspiration from here. All her outfits are wonderful. Her style is so sophisticated compared to the girls at my school who are way too underdressed. I like finding outfits similar to hers, just with price tags a thousand times less.
while i wouldn't say she's a fashion icon i will agree that she always looks great and that she dresses great for her age without looking trashy.
I don't know if this has been asked, but does anyone know what brand of jeans Charlotte wears?
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