Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events Part 45: February 2022 -

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Everything indicates that Charlotte and Dimitri’s marriage is over. So sad.
Yeah, Dimitri looks way better with shaved face.

Dimitri Rassam attends two events as parte of the Cannes Film Festival.
Seeing Dimitri clean-shaven, it is easy to see how much Balthazar resembles him.
Dimitri is very handsome with or without a beard in my opinion. He just has beautiful features in general. And Balthazar looks just like him. Too bad he and Charlotte couldn’t make it work.
Charlotte in Cannes. Short video.

Such a beauty!!
Charlotte Casiraghi as President and Founder of the Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco was interviewed prior to the upcoming PhiloMonaco Week 2024 today:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **


the program "Conversations" with Charlotte Casiraghi, animated by will be available on Figaro TV, Saturday 15 June, at 8.30 pm and on @josephghosnsur

Charlotte Casiraghi in @cap70024

Charlotte attended day 1 of the PhiloMonaco Week 2024 yesterday:

And together with Prince Albert she also attended today, June 12:


Prince Albert and Charlotte Casiraghi during the second day of Semaine Philo Monaco, organized by Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco
Charlotte and Caroline attended day 3 today:

** Pic **

At the Condamine market in the morning or at the Princess Grace Theater at midday for the philosophical lunch, we debate what philosophy says about women and the place of women in philosophy.

I read somewhere that Charlotte was working on her PhD in philosophy. I wonder if she ever completed the degree.
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