Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events 44: May 2019 - Jan. 2022

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She's getting that hard edge look back...hoping it's just a bad photo.

What is it with these two and the media? I've never anything good or in love or positive about them from the beginning.
Before the wedding they were "eternal lovers" was literally the day after the wedding that tabloids started reporting that they were on the brink of divorce. It's just the way they operate imho.:cool:

I didn't know that Dimitri had tested positive for Covid.:ohmy:

And i am surprised to see Charlotte out and about in Paris without a mask...especially since everyone in Monaco is wearing one?
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The tabloids select photos that suit the narrative that they happen to push.

During Caroline's marriage to Stefano Casiraghi in the 1980's i cannot remember reading one article that indicated a happy, solid union. Caroline was compared (unfavorably ) to Diana Princess of Wales who was reported to be living the dream of domestic bliss with Charles and their children.

The reverse was true, as has been sadly verified.

If Dimitri and Charlotte have been isolated in Barbizon with their children, who is the source of their private text messages to one another?
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Don't Believe, it is the worst tabloid site ,
This site is always announcing a divorce, an illness like Voici is Always repeating the articles of other tabloïds, german articles, spanish articles, french articles
In this moment, is announcing the divorce of the Prince of Walles and Camilla

I am sure that Charlotte is very happy with Dimitri, I Don't Believe the article of these tabloids
Some new photos of Charlotte, Dimitri and Balthazar in Paris:

** Photos **
Here's a photo of Charlotte at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Fort Antoine Theatre in Monaco last week:

** Pic **
Glad it works. He is a cutie.
Thank you so much Florestane!!!The link does work and it allows us to see little Balthazar' face in full... What a beuatiful child... Just like an angel!!!

👼 👼 👼
Balthazar is an adorable baby. He looks like a Casiraghi boy, with bits of his paternal grandmother especially around the mouth.

Also, Dimitri looks like a snack! ;) Very different from his public paparazzi photos where he always looks understandably annoyed by the unwanted attention.
He is indeed a beautiful child. He looks like a combination of Pierre's sons and his big sister Darya.;)
Very sweet baby but I don't see him to look extremely to his parents, he is more a mixture of family features.
I believe the pic is a stolen picture, it looks like a private one.
Very sweet baby but I don't see him to look extremely to his parents, he is more a mixture of family features.
I believe the pic is a stolen picture, it looks like a private one.
I found the picture on Pinterest - it had been shared from another forum.

It looks to be me like an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profile image in which case visible to all.
Balthazar has the Casiraghi chin with the cleft in it.
Pacha is in Pantelleria, Dimitri' s mum country home. I hope to see Charlotte's family there soon:flowers: I also have missed Caroline this summer.
Charlottes best friend Juliette posted a video of herself and Dimitri at the pool a couple of days ago. It appears to have been filmed the same day as the photo with Balthazar
Today is Charlotte's birthday. It sounds like she is celebrating on Pantelleria this year ....
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