Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 33: July 2009 - March 2010

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Is the blonde next to Char Eloise?
Princess Charolette attends Fences auction - Pictures - Zimbio
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Yes i think but i'm not sure!!!!
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It's good to hear that she cares about environment and tries to do something about it, from one of her passions: fashion.
Thanks for the article, asturiana :flowers:
Charlotte gave an interview to the Italian magazine "La Stampa",
(the Hola link talks about that as well)
there she announced that she founded an eco-magazine.
"Ever Manifesto" is the 20-page publication on environmentally
friendly applications in various fields, including fashion and art.
The magazine is presented in the northern Italian town of Biella,
in the context of the fashion show "Fashion Cittadellarte"

The magazine will also be available online. The first number is
financed by the Italian Loro Piana cashmere producers.

"The newspaper is published in connection with major events
that are associated with fashion, design and architecture.
Depending on contributions from renowned experts and journalists
will be published. Our goal is to raise awareness among companies
on environmental issues. Many big brands have lost customers
because they exploited minors," said Charlotte.
I have read the interview on LA STAMPA and this beautiful an glamorous girl seems to me more and more interesting and mature.
Thank you for the interview, she seems to be very self-confident. How good a woman in her position is aware of worldwide problems and not just a consumer fashionista. With her money, she could just care about shopping and partying, like others do. I hope this is the beginning of many projects and that she becomes even more involved.
Today at 11,00 a.m. there is the working conference with Charlotte ! I hope she speaks italian.
The pictures were very relaxed, none of the contortions of top fashion models.
Brava, Carlotta!
Because you can wear it with ANYTHING, it's slimming, and perfect for any event. Boring, but accessible.
Because you can wear it with ANYTHING, it's slimming, and perfect for any event. Boring, but accessible.
I agree, it's a boring color but you can wear it with anything.
Anyway, she looks beautiful as usual. Very nice pics.
It's really great to see Charlotte in that role and with such
a project! Thanks for the nice pics!
Here are a few more:

Charlotte Casiraghi arrives to the inauguration of 'Cittadellarte
Fashion - Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend' at the Pistoletto
Foundation in Biella, Turin, Italy, 22 September 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 **
Iceflower, Charlotte's photos are great!:flowers:
She is beautiful and lovely, the main thing is that Charlotte is natural in each action and you can see it naturally at these photos.
I have seen a short video on TG5 MEDIASET with Charlotte.
:previous: I'd it's a fashion, chic rip :lol:
I don't know..but she wears it quite well.
I think she looks out as a homeless. She can wear this if she is with friends anywhere, but not in such event. Sure she has more pretty clothes as this.
i like her... remind me the classic Charlotte, maybe is because her make up and hair, maybe her jeans was rip, maybe all the clothes together look quite nice
I feel like this is the first real fashion forward outfit we have seen from her. The ripped jeans, big shoulders...all big trends in fashion right now. On another note, I think it is great that she is doing this. I would never have thought she would sit on a panel and have a press conference. Maybe she is growing out of her shyness, or she is just very passionate about eco-friendly fashion. Whatever the reason, I love it!
i wish we will have a video about this press conference... it wil be really nice
I think she looked ok..:)black-white lady,but i what i don't like about her wearing is the sute with weird arms...
I love the jacket! so chic! but yeah the ripped jeans are too trendy for my taste.She does look beautiful and healthy though,great!
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