Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 33: July 2009 - March 2010

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Um...when is her next jumping event? I thought it was supposed to be at the end of July???
Athina Onassis International Horse Show in Brazil is to start tomorrow July 31st. Charlotte told in her interview she would be there
Does that mean we won't see her at the Red Cross Ball?
I rather see her on jumping events than other events. I can't blame her, horse events are always a joy.
She is really jet-setting around the competitions lately. My guess she is taking it seriously then. Is Gi-Joe going to come with her or will she just attend? Brazil is not around the corner.
Wait---WHAT??? Well ok, I meant the jumping event with Char, but their absence at the Red Cross ball baffles me. I know they're on vacation and all, but Caro & usually Pierre attend. Doesn't Caroline have a huge hand in that one as well as the Rose Ball or am I mistaken? Whatever the case, that's pretty...hmm, I don't know what to think. Well, I guess they really need the R & R lol.

There are new pics of Charlotte in Brazil on athina onassis' facebook fan page.
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Charlotte in Brazil?

I'm not completely sure, but i believe that she appears in this video (2:36).
It's a coverage about the International jumping and the traditional brazilian jockey club, a comparison about the "chic" people from jockey and the casual ones from the International Jumping (Athina Onassis Horse Show). Despite this, the International jumping it's a US$ 12 million event, and the jockey "only" US$ 3 million.

TV programs only talks about Athina, and nothing about Charlotte :bang:
(ps. please forgive me about my horrible english...)

YouTube - The Global Champions Tour in Rio de Janeiro

Edit: Classification: 3rd place!!! Go Charlotte!!!!!!!
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Well,then she's probably started taking it more seriously.Aren't there any pictures available?
She looks pretty, and I'm kinda glad to see Alex there. That means everything is ok, I guess. Thanks for the pics!
Charlotte must love to tell stories lol. There were pics of her and Athina chatting at that other jumping event and it looked like she was telling a story. Also, in that video of her w/ Alex last year (i think?) in the airport, seh looked like she was telling him a funny story as well.
yeah, I guess she's a big entertainer, it must be fun hanging out with her..
Finally i got it!!!!
Charlotte Casiraghi at the International jumping of Rio de Janeiro. A Celebrities Humouristic brazilian TV program called "Panico na TV", showing Charlotte Casiraghi, Andrea and Alex Dellal. It's a big surprise to me, I could never imagine to see charlotte at that program! =]

We can hear the voice of Andrea Dellal and see Alex close to her.

YouTube - Charlotte in Rio
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Thanks for the vid Alcatur! Can you translate what he says, please?
Thanks for the vid Alcatur! Can you translate what he says, please?


He says:

"That one with leggings, is a Monegasque princess!"
"We can't even stay close to her..."
(Calling Andrea Dellal)
"You are friend of princess and Queens!!"

And andrea answer starting in english:
"Not really, i'm just here to watch the...."

and repeat the same in portuguese:
"i'm just here to watch the...."

so the guy cut the aswer, saying:
"She starts in english and turn to portuguese! She don't know more what to say, she is "so polyglote", it's really chic!!"

So, when she is going, he says:
"Look.. they are asking for credentials.."
"Even she needs to show... they
(refering to security personnel) don't wanna let her in... they (Andrea and Alex) are blocked..."
"It's not just "panico" (the tv show) beeing blocked (at events)....

Remember people, it's a Humouristic tv program:), and Andrea obviously was not beeing blocked.:lol:

i don't speak english with fluency, so the translation could have some mistakes, but i believe that you can understand.
:previous: Thank you Alcartur, it's a very good translation. :flowers:
I guess Andrea Dellal got so used to speak in english, that she automatically answers in that language, even though she is brazilian. :flowers:
I love her voice and accent! Wish we could've heard Alex. He seems conveniently preoccupied lol.
She looks great - so happy to see her back in the saddle!
Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: indeed the pics were great!!

:tea: it's nice to see Charlotte has bounced back so fast and is without brace on hands!! superb.

:thistle:truly although all the pics were good my fav was number 9 Whaaat an incredibly graceful and elegante animal Charlotte is poised on.

:thistle: Charlotte was also perfectly poised on the animal at the time the pic was taken with everything in the right place making for quite and elegante' pic. bravo. Super horse indeed :heartflower:
Beautiful girls on horses - is there anything better? :wub:

are char and athina good friends? their granfathers were.
I have never paid much attention to Charlotte. But she is beautiful.
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