Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 32: Dec.2008 - July 2009

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She's so pretty there! Thanks fandesacs2003!
She's the loveliest of all on the page, she looks so natural and fresh.
She looks so much like her mother did at that age I think. Absolutely stunning. I am positively deaf to any and all negative comments about her. They simply do not register with me.

Such the smitten kitten......
IS she smoking there? Felix: he's handsome!
Charlotte Casiraghi at the cafe Flore. Paris, France, March 24, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **


Interesting !!!!;) Are these photos really new???

She seems "back" to the students world !!!!!! Casual style, far from her last months glamour image!

Reunite with Felix, or just a friend's coffee???

I think that WE ALL prefer Felix :D
Unfortunately, she smoking like brothers and mother. That's her ex? Felix? Super guy, I like him more than this Alex but who know I don't know them personally.
Yes, i hope she will make up with Felix again!
I hope she will change and become the Charlotte we all knew before Alex' entrance in her life..
YAY!!! Felix is back! Those two were so cute together!
Yes, i hope she will make up with Felix again!
I hope she will change and become the Charlotte we all knew before Alex' entrance in her life..

I see her with Felix; not Alex. But then again, it's Charlotte who decides who she wants.:flowers:
She should inded stay with the person she wants to be.
But I said once; there always seems to be something depressing about her.
And Alex doesn't help. He just gives me a negative feeling. I don't see anything that would attract any girl to him. I offcourse could be completely wrong.
I'm rooting for Felix. Seems like a nice, handsome and smart young man.
Love that she is still friends with Felix, and she looks beautiful. Love the leather jacket!
By the pic5 she looks Felix and she has a happy, little smile on her face... Romantic in the air. Or maybe I feel only the spring...? :)
I don't know that it's a negative feeling I get from Alex, it's just that he's such a contrast from Felix. Also, he sometimes seems way less interested in Charlotte than she is in him. But personally, I don't know the guy. And you can't determine someone's character from looking at pictures of them. In any case, she's still with him, so there has to be something keeping her there. Hopefully it's good.
It will be really great that Charlotte coming back with Felix
did she has a macbook in her table??
i totally see her using apple computers, we already saw her using her ipod in Paris
Like many others here, I prefer Felix over Alex - he seemed more interested :flowers: in her, than being "seen" with her; plus, his family seems more :rolleyes: legitimate....I would love it if they were back together, and she resumed her life back in college in Paris (not skulking :nonono: around London w/Alex).
It's nice to see her reconnect with Felix, just because a romantic relationship ended shouldn't necessarily end the amicable relationship, well that's my opinion at least. Many people think differently.

Either way, cute pictures. She's definitely liked leather jackets this season :)
Adorable! Thanks for sharing. I like that she described Caroline as being without any arrogance. She always seemed sweet and it was great to hear from someone who saw them in person.
Aww nice to see Felix again. I miss him with Charlotte.
It makes me so MAD to see her smoking,ruining her lungs and skin and voice.But hey,at least it's not me doing that..she looks so beautiful without makeup!
I'm also disappointed to see her smoking. I think it's a smelly, disgusting habit! But she looks great in the leather motorcycle jacket!
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the more i see charlotte and felix they reminded me of stefano and caroline..
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