Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 3 : April 2004 - July 2004

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Hello Everyone ;) I was curious to know if anybody here has heard charlotte's voice? I wanted to know what kind of accent she has, is it that slightly british accent like her mother's or an american accent like her Uncle Albert? Thanx a bunch!! :heart:
wow. i was reading all these criticisms and praises and arguments about charlotte and if i were her, all i'd have to say is: "ah...the price of fame and fortune..." ;)
hey sandee......this is a geuss but wouldn't charlotte have a stronger chance of having a french accent? I mean she is fluent in French, Italian, English and I think she understands German.

But growing up and going to school in Saint Remy-de-Provence and then Fontainebleu I think she would be more predisposed to a French accent rather than English accent. Prince Albert went to university at Amherst in the US which I think to some degree explains his accent and he has travelled alot too.

totally agree with neptune on jensen and charlotte :p

Her accent when speaking english will depend on how old she was when she learnt the language and also by whom she was taught.

The younger she was when she learnt english the less she will sound french or italian.

If she did learn young (Before age 8) and her teacher was american then she'll probably sound american, if shes learnt from her mum then she may sound english.

My guess................. yank!
Just because she's half Italian that doesn't mean she's fluent in Italian. My best friend is Mexican-American and she doesn't speak a word of Spanish. According to an article, Charlotte's paternal grandmother was very upset with Caroline for not teaching her children enough about their Italian heritage.
the JUMP BOST Fontainebleau starts today (30th April) and runs through till the 2nd of May. I wonder if Char will be attending this year
does anyone know when charlottes exams will be?
they must coming up soon :unsure:

if anyone on here does know charlotte tell her we wish her all the best. ;)
Char placed 48th on the horse CLAIRECHEN and 49th on the horse EOLISCO yesterday.......i know nothing about horse comps, so this question may seem dumb to some people, but why does she ride two different horses in the same round (or whatever its called!!)??
lol... it's not a stupid question... I know from competitions I was in when I was younger you can compete on different horses just for experience and for testing the horse you want to ride in "bigger" competitions... I don't know if that is true in France...

p.s. she competed today, not yesterday
thanks kittencrews!! and for me it was yesterday cos i live in new zealand and it was 8.30ish in the morning that i posted that over here on the 1st of may!!!

Joy to the world: i think that was last, well she was last on the list of placings anyway
Well I think they only listed the top 50 so that could be the reason she was on the very bottom... but indeed it is not one of her finest performances... but they aren't the horses she used to compete on either!
Happy May 1st everybody!!! Have been partying all night with friends and there's more fun in store for today! (April 30th is when the biggest parties of the year are thrown in Finland, it's one of the best known "national holidays".) Take care,

I believe that Charlotte no longer takes her riding hobby very seriously. She doesn't take part in as many competitions as she did before, there are no pictures of her training, she doesn't seem to be as much interested any more, somehow. And, what's with the horses? Clairechen and Eolisco... Could it be that I'm wrong in saying that she doesn't take riding seriously any more, and could it be that she has taken to training a couple of young horses so that she can compete on them later on? All serious riders strive to train their horses themselves so that the horses turn out the way they like.

I would like to hear more news on Charlotte. She's in the middle of a phase of change in her life and there's probably a lot going on in her life. Does anyone know when the French take their baccalaureate? I wonder if we'll get to hear her results. Watchman, if you're still around, do you happen to know anything about Charlotte's studies? Is she good at school or what?

Does anybody have the photos of Charlotte from Le Printemps de l'Art (or something like that) in Monaco?
I don't think that she is taking it less seriously I think that we could assume she is concentrating more on her exams and not riding. Also, you have to remember Caroline went to court last year for control over the pictures taken of her family so the media could have backed down due to that!!
I can't find any of the pictures from Le Printemps de l'Art I just know they are in Hola Magazine.... sorry...
Caroline went to court last year for control over the pictures taken of her family so the media could have backed down due to that!!

hey kittencrews,

I was just wondering if you know what arrangement Caroline has concerning photos of her children. Do the royal family and the press office have a special agreement ( like with prince william and harry ) concerning when and how they photgraph the children ???

(I remember reading a while ago that she wasn't happy with all the attention the press were giving to her daughter )
charlotte wears too much makeup it looks like she shovels it on with a trowel. If you want to help in your community try voulunteering at the adult literacy center in your area. I taught a bunch of illiterate adults to read when i was sixteen by volunteering at the adult literacy center. It was great.
you think Charlotte wears too much make-up??? :wacko: wow... I've never though that... I always thought it looked like she didn't have much on at all...
I completely agree with Lauren. Tanya, you must be talking about older photos of Charlotte (from the time she was still learning how to use make-up and wore screaming nail polish and bright lipstick smeared all over her face) because nowadays her make-up is fresh and natural. In fact, I almost wish that she tried something different sometimes... I really loved her make-up at the Pegasus ceremony last summer, though. She was wearing a lot of shimmering products that night, they were suitable for a star!
04/30/2004 Charlotte of Monaco training on new horse "Claire chen" (horse of french singer Julien Clerc's wife), in Fontainebleau, France














Thank you Lena!! Her hair has really gotten long!
Wonderful new pics at Corbis!!! Charlotte looks better than ever!
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