Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 20 : Aug.2006 - Oct.2006

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Lucia Rose said:
Thats true the older she gets the more she resembles Caroline! She usted to look ALOT like Grace when she was a baby and little kid. Now she turning into a replica of her mother.

When you see pictures of Caroline as a young girl and Charlotte you almost can't tell them apart! It's amazing. I'm not good and figuring out how to post pictures but if anyone would like to post a picture of little Char next to little Caro it would be interesting.:flowers: I always thought that Caroline had Grace's general face shape and nose, and Charlotte is just a beautiful mix of her mother and father. They made some beautiful babies :angel:
hsieh said:
are they having a fight? they're not walking close together. he's distant following behind. they don't look happy.

What picture are you talking about?
the one where they're getting into a cab at the airport.
dede said:
I think Charlotte resembles Caroline more and more as she gets older.

Yes, I agree. I also think she's wearing more beautiful outfits now, like the dress she wore at the Valentino party.
I agree, looks more like mother. She is young and start seriously her adventure with big world but not with the fashion.
back to charlotte's smoking -- i suppose it is just inevitable as her late grandfather, mother, stepdad, aunt, and older brother almost always have a lit cigarette next to them. if it's not her smoking which will make her sick, it's all the second hand smoke she's been exposed to all this time :(
is she wants to nobody can stop her or tell her ''C. don't smoke''.it's a choice she made and she doesn't care at all if we aprove of that or not.
I agree,
Charlotte has obviously grown up with smokers around her, being so close to Caroline. Like all of us, our parents are going to have the biggest influence on our mental shape.(values,morals and belifes)
Also spending alot of her childhood in France, where smoking is alot more common and laws alot less stringent.

But i definatly wouldn't be suprised if she gave it up into her twenties, it all depends on the trends of the people around her, as well as her possible spotlight pressures and famimly pressures, which are only going to grow.
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Beatrice said:
is she wants to nobody can stop her or tell her ''C. don't smoke''.it's a choice she made and she doesn't care at all if we aprove of that or not.

you must be a smoker?
People are sooo anoying "don't smoke it kills"
everybody knows smoking kills, she smokes because she wants and its
her life, none of us pay her bills, and everything kills after all.
To be alive kills lol
I hope you guys understand smoking or not is a personal choice, is not a good think, everybody knows it, but what we can do? its her life(again the same bla bla bla) and she has the right to cancer and health problems.
how about we all leave it at "Yes, Charlotte smokes cigarettes. She's an adult, it's her life, and we are just spectators. We have no influence on her personal choices"

People obviously have firey opinions on the subject, but there's no need to get hostile unless Charlotte's smoking directly affects your life. Which, unless you know her personally, it most likely does not.

Moving on to lighter subjects (no pun intended :lol: ) Does anyone know when Charlotte holidays are (from school i mean)?? I don't know the customary in France.

Let's move on from the topic of Charlotte and her smoking.

Thank you.
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