Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 19 : July 2006 - Aug.2006

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I think he looks like a grandpa!

I like Felix!!!!! He have a great smile....
They seem to be very much in love. I wonder if this will lead to marriage......
i do not want to think that far...even if i believe that even young people can be happily married, but i think that there are so much thing that they can do together without getting married, ....for now at least
Finally some picture to confirmate that Charlotte stills with Felix
i agree with anag, Felix looks like a grandpa:lol:
Nice pictures Towsend, I haven't seen some of them before. I love the ones of Caroline and Alexandra, the first ones are just adorable:flowers:
Regina said:
Who told I wouldn't share them? ;) Punishment? ha ha, aren't you in the wrong forum? :rolleyes: :lol:

(scanned from Caras magazine)
on the last pic, his body is similar to Andrea's
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