Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 43: August 2018 - May 2019

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Posts about Princess Caroline and Charlotte attending Karl Lagerfeld's funeral ceremony can be found at and have been moved to this thread.
She looks happy and radiant. And I actually like her outfit...a little!;)
I don't want to give credit to rumors. But since little baby boy is born... We almost didn't see Charlotte with Dimitri together...

Paris 26 february 2019 Fashion Week show Yves Saint Laurent YSL
Maybe by the time Balthazar is ready to go away to college, we will get another peek at him.....:ermm:
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At this point, I have read three different wedding dates over the two years she and Dimitri have been together.

I will believe it when I see it!:whistling:
:previous: It seems that we generally have to believe it when we see it in terms of news about the family since for most of the Casiraghi births and weddings we've had to rely on photos and magazine reports. We'll eventually see which magazine was correct on the date or if they were all wrong, and no wedding happens this year :whistling:

That little bald-headed baby doll that Darya Rassam is clutching in Zurs is the same doll that she was cradling on the PACHA last summer...and she holds it exactly like it's a real infant...too adorable!!:lol:?
Charlotte has been interviewed in Madame Figaro as a co-producer of the new movie Notre-Dame-du-Nil.

Au Rwanda, le tournage de l'espoir pour panser les plaies du génocide - Madame Figaro

Apparently she bought the rights of the novel in 2014, a long time ago. I remember they were talks of her starting a production company when she was with Gad but it doesn't seem she did anything with those rights by then.
Since Dimitri is also a producer I wonder whether they decided to work on the film after we started going out together or whether it was the other way round. They started working together on the movie and this lead to romance.

As for the interview itself, no very interesting. The movie does look interesting, as well a the book, and the article is interesting aswell. But the moment Charlotte starts talking it's her usual abstract and pedantic blah, blah, blah. Not much to learn from her words.

Also, one pic, from the philosophie thing, that I had never seen before:
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I find Paris Match much more believable than BUNTE! :whistling:
He is beautiful but unlike his big brother Raphael he does not resemble Charlotte at all. His eyes especially are those of Dimitri Rassam and Carole Bouquet.;)

His fair coloring confuses me, until I remember that both Dimitri and Charlotte were fair as children.
Aw, Balthazar is so sweet! I agree that he seems to resemble the Rassam side of the family more than the Monegasques.
The "Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco" are presenting a new event called "Les Jeunes philosophent" (The young philosophers) in Monaco from May 8 - May 11. The event will "aim to familiarize, raise awareness and make philosophy accessible to young people":

He is beautiful but unlike his big brother Raphael he does not resemble Charlotte at all. His eyes especially are those of Dimitri Rassam and Carole Bouquet.;)

He's a cute baby but I will be totally unable to say who he looks like.
With Raphael it was much more obvious from the begining that he had Gad's eyes, the poor thing.
:previous: I think Raphael is a mixture of Gad and Charlotte...his eyes are Gad's, but his lips are pure Grimaldi.;)?

As for Balthazar, at first glance I saw Dimitri. But the other day I was looking at photos of Princess Caroline as a baby, and he looks almost exactly like she did!
Hmmm...maybe this wedding will actually take place this time..:whistling:
Earlier than that of Louis and Marie?
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