Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 41: January 2017 - December 2017

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Let up pray moby, let us pray!:cool:

This is the first time in a long while(imo) that Charlotte has looked like the old Charlotte, radiant and beautiful.
If she's free, time for Valentino to make its move. Still my dream for her to be their House Muse and to wear those dreamy and romantic Valentino gowns. :D
Perhaps, but she has always been free to wear other designers besides Gucci. It's not an exclusive contract.

But yes, Valentino would be a far better choice. Craftmanship like no else.

Here are finally a few more pics of the Montblanc press conference at The SIHH - 27th Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie earlier on January 16:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
:previous: Few if any women have the skin of their teen years in their thirties.

But Charlotte is starting to have the "look"...saggy eyelids, tired skin tone, crinkly laugh lines around the eyes and she only entered her thirties a few months ago.and when she smiles her teeth don't seem white:eek:

Contrast Charlotte's complexion with the almost flawless one of her contemporary Stephanie de Lannoy who is two years older and who is a non smoker...there is a glaring difference imo.

I think it's also because Charlotte has led a not too healthy life. Smoking, nonstop tanning, but also a life of not too much purpose except one round of jet setting after another. It can become tedious and I don't think she's taken good care of herself. All that indulgence at a young age can really undermine the health of someone. By thirty, almost all our life choices and experiences begin to show on our face and body.
I do not agree. She, not overly exposed to the sun. perhaps, also to contract. she is not a chain smoker. Her mother, Caroline, was always exposed to the sun a lot, and still smokes a lot. Charlotte, has her face drawn, and no brighter as before, hardened features.
There are also other people who smoke but are not getting a bad skin. She can also use the most expensive and best face creams in the world, haha!

I am wondering, if she is living in Paris or in that small village out of Paris.

She is so beautiful in the casual pictures at the cafe!
Frankly she looks better than most people her age, smokers or non smokers, but not as good as gym rats her age. As someone pointed out before, she looked best with a few more pounds so her face fills out but for balance, that means more time at the gym which in all the time we follow her, we've never seen do (carrying yoga mats, jogging)! ?
That white skirt is Giambattista Valli. First time in a long while she's not completely outfitted in Gucci for a formal event. I might be overreacting but does this mean her contract is done?

Thanks for the info.! :) That designer is my all-time favorite for Charlotte. To this day I cannot get over this dress he made for her:

Foto Vogue sceglie Charlotte - 2 di 9 - D - la Repubblica

She looks so happy & content nowadays and it shows. Love the pics of her & her little one. :heart:
People age. She was bound not to have that face she had at 15 also at the age of 30. Find it rather ridiculous to assume that it's because of an ''unhealthy lifestyle'' that she doesn't look like her teenage self anymore.

According to the agency the pics are from, the photos with Raphael were taken on January 20, the photos with the gentleman one day earlier, January 19.
Strange Question . May we see young Raphael's face ? Does Gad agree this ?

OMG open that Louis Vuitton shopping bag right now and let us know what's in it. Stop this torture, Charlotte! :sad:
Holy Smokes, I swear that's her first cousin Pauline right by her side. :ohmy: And I bet that Louis Vuitton bag holds a special gift for her much beloved lookalike mother's 60 birthday today. :flowers:

ps: burrrr, looks cold in Paris. *shivers*
:previous:She looks amazingly beautiful in those photos...the old Charlotte!;)
A big thank you for the photos as always because it is wondeful to keep update with this family in a few minutes thanks to these threads and also to all the pple who comment here.

I wanted to make a question related to the photos in Paris, does not she have bodyguards? Can she walk in Paris freely?
According to these mags, Charlotte is now sharing a 400 m2 appartment in Paris with a close female friend.

The Rambouillet residence is one that already belonged to the family.

To be continued no doubt :) ...
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