Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 41: January 2017 - December 2017

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Wow, Didn't know people were expecting a marriage. But I always figured she had some kind of protection. I know when she would go to Portugal and Brazil and certain places on the equestrian circuit she'd have a bodyguard right next her.
Poor Raphael, must be very scary for him.
:previous: I don't believe Charlotte will marry before the end of the year, as the tabloid Closer in France is predicting.:cool:

However, I would not be surprised if something happens in the New Year. As I have posted before, the entire relationship has a "settled" feel that not even her relationship with Gad Elmaleh ever had.

Charlotte and Dimitri have recently moved into what has been described as a beautiful and immense apartment in Paris. That tells me that they are not looking for just some love nest for the two of them and that they might be thinking strategic long term.They may want space for their respective children and any children that might be coming in the future.

Charlotte seems a loving and devoted mother. After the disaster in Rome last year with Sanfelice, I cannot believe she would allow another man to bond as deeply with Raphael as Dimitri has unless she has decided that he is here to stay. As for Dimitri, he is extremely close to his mother and his family and has brought Charlotte right into their midst. He has allowed Charlotte to become close to his only child as well.

Despite the rather messy beginning, they appear to be deeply in love and serious about their commitment.
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I don't know what to say. In opposite to her brothers who happily settled and did beautiful weddings, Charlotte, who could be the most gorgeous bride, seems still looking. I hope that Dimitri will be the "one" to give her peace and love for ever. But no prévision, just hope.
:previous: I agree.

My guess is that Charlotte is more tempestuous and complicated emotionally than her brothers-even Andrea. I had no idea that the loss of Stefano affected her in the manner that she recently said it did...she had only just turned four when he died. And then the close bond with Vincent Lindon that was very suddenly interrupted as well....:sad:

The fact of her extreme beauty might be working against her. People sometimes "expect" things from very good looking people. That is unfortunate, not to mention unfair.

I think Charlotte will make a gorgeous bride if and when it happens but I would be very surprised if she wants to have the kind of wedding her brothers had. She is so protective of her privacy that the public will probably only be told about the nuptials after they have occurred. I certainly understand why she feels that way. If and when it happens I expect a low key Palace ceremony, similar to what her parents had.

As far as Charlotte still searching...I am not sure she still is. If I had to bet, I would wager that she and Dimitri Rassam will end up married sooner rather than later.

Whether or not the marriage will last is what I am not certain of.:ermm:
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closer is a tabloid, how many times this tabloid announced that charlotte was pregnant even last year, this tabloid announced she was pregnant with sanfelice, these tabloids are doing untrue stories to earn a lot of money
first dimitri is still marrued and he must be free to marry charlotte
also, the wedding will not be at the end of the year and for the next yearn we must wait

charlotte is not as her two brothers, she likes to change
What did she say about the effect of losing her father so young?
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Thanks! I was on holiday when that interview came out so I missed it. I've always thought that Charlotte's quick jumps from relationship to relationship was due to the fact that she lost her father so young and seems like she has acknowledged that
:previous: Another poster-cannot remember whom-also pointed out the fact that two of her past partners(Gad, Lamberto) bore at least a passing physical resemblance to Vincent Lindon and were both considerably older than she was.

Who knows? I am surprised she gave away the information that she did about her feelings regarding the loss of her father. It seemed out of character, imo.

I wonder what-or who-inspired her to speak about it at this particular juncture in her life?
Perhaps it felt like the right time for her to talk about it and she didn't feel comfortable about it before? Or she hadn't connected the events in her life to feeling such a way and felt it was a good thing to talk about it considering her love for philosopghy.
The article doesn't give much away besides her mentioning that the losses she suffered in her life attributed to her feeling lonely
So maybe they are just waiting for Dimitri's divorce to be complete? If not already done.... Does anyone know?
:previous: I've no idea if it's finalized or not. If indeed it's not, that might explain why he and Charlotte try not to be photographed together...maybe the divorce lawyers have advised them to lay low so as not to aggravate his soon to be former wife any further? Just a guess..:whistling:
Hi melina premiere, how do you know for sure that Dimitri is still married and has not in fact already divorced his wife?

For what it's worth, I don't believe a thing Closer prints either!

Empress Merel

Charlotte discussed the death of Stefano last summer
She is not really "discussing" her father's death. She made a short reference.
In the picture when baby it is not Charlotte with Pierre. It is Charlotte with Andrea
Great appearance from Charlotte - those soft colours suit her. Great to see that pic of her smiling for a change.
She is in splendid shape. (..) did she give up riding? Certainly she is no longer assiduous.
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She looks beautiful, and I agree, she seems in great shape--toned arms and overall healthy look. I love that they put her in a toned down evening wear (for Gucci anyway) that complements her well. She reminds me of dark-eyed, mysterious women from the 20s.

Also the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) that she and Dimitri are photographed together no?
Charlotte looks as beautiful as I've ever seen her look. She has definitely filled out a bit and it suits her. She looks like a screen siren.

In some of the photos I actually thought I was looking at Brooke Shields circa 1990.:ohmy:

I love that gown she is wearing and the fact that it's Gucci stuns me.;)

She and Dimitri actually posed together for photogs which also surprises me.....:whistling:

ETA: moby Charlotte and Dimitri kind of posed together at the Monaco Jumping back in June...but it wasn't a formal pose like at LACMA. At Jumping they simply allowed themselves to be photographed casually. Those are the photos that ended up on the cover of Point de Vue.
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:previous: Charlotte, Dimitri and Raphael arrived back in Paris early this morning.

I saw photos of them at DeGaulle, surrounded by a mob of travelers. Far from being as irritable as they seemed when they were at LAX a couple of weeks ago they were both mellow and smiling even though they must have known they were being photographed...Dimitri was carrying Raphael and Charlotte was looking directly at the camera.

She didn't have a spot of makeup on, her hair was slightly disheveled and she appeared to have been sleeping on the plane.

But her skin was glowing and she looked incredibly beautiful.;)
Is it true that Dimitri went to Lycée François Couperin with Charlotte?
:previous: I don't think so...I read somewhere online that he attended the International School in Paris, which is where he learned English by immersion. He attended the Sorbonne as did Charlotte, but they were not there at the same time as Charlotte is five years his junior.

If by chance he did attend Lycee Couperin, it is unlikely that he and Charlotte were there at the same time.
I think Charlotte went to lycée Fenelon

Hi, Charlotte did go to Fenelon too, that was after her secondary education at François Couperin. Fenelon was for khâgne/hypokhâgne. I never heard of Dimitri going there, but I think he went to high school with her ?? That was my question anyway.
They look like a unit! A happy one! And that little boy is always smiling, it's good to see. I remember when Beatrice first came into the "scene" and dated Pierre, they just looked like they fit. I get the same feeling with Charlotte and Dimitri. I hope I'm right.:flowers::flowers:
Charlotte has found "the One"!
It's a mix of happy and sad for me. I'm happy she's in love, but also a little sad that she's not in love with Raphael's bio-dad.
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