Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 41: January 2017 - December 2017

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Maybe that's why she's holding it in her hands for most of the pictures.:lol: I don't think it's so bad, I prefer a real hat to those things, but oh well.
I like it. It is vintage and reminds me Princess Grace.
In fact it could have belonged to Princess Grace. It is her style and era.
Lovely dress, I think the print is Dolce and Gabbana. The cute bag is Miss Sicily, also Dolce and Gabbana. I'm happy to see she's branching out to more high end labels and keeping her own style. I hope the days of over the top, un-Charlotte-like Gucci gowns is over.
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More I see this dress less I like the length. Really not adequate for Charlottes legs and posture
The hat would need to be better coordinated with a single-color outfit with a silhouette that's more streamlined and sleek in order for it to work. Plonking it down on one's head would look like one just plonked it on one's head.
I just found out the wedding is of Tim Lafon and Jill Bauwens. Tim is a very close friend of Dimitri's (and was also invited to Andrea and Tatiana's wedding in Gstaad)
Interesting interview - she's very eloquent, wish the interviewer hadn't kept interrupting Charlotte and the professor.
She seems very bright and articulate, with a wonderful speaking voice that sounds a lot like her mother Caroline's.:)
Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful and perfect speaker. Intelligent, harmonious and poetic. I'm astonished. The interesting point is that she seems more at her element in a philosophical discussion than in a glamorous event
I've said it before but Charlotte seems much more vital in video than in still photography, where she comes of sort...I don't know...lifeless at times.:sad:

As beautiful as she is still photos don't do her justice. It's the very opposite of her mother and late grandmother, both who were not only breathtakingly beautiful but very soulful and it came across in their photos, imo.
She is ridiculously beautiful in that interview. I wish I speak the language and also that nude makeup makes me look that good. The camera just loves her. She is like that nerd in school who's introverted but gets the attention anyway because of being pretty lol.

Hoping a kind soul posts the transcript in English soon.
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