Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 41: January 2017 - December 2017

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I agree. Her body language reminds me of the very early days with Alex Dellal when she couldn't keep her hands(and other parts) to herself.:p And unlike SanFelice and even Gad, Dmitri does indeed seem very into her as well.

I hope this is the Real Thing for her, finally.
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She looks absolutely amazing - much softer and relaxed, with less of that nervous tension she sometimes gives off.

I's soft, natural and flawless!:)
Charlotte looked stunning at the Chanel show. Navy blue is a gorgeous colour on her. Her makeup was much softer this time and her hair looked great too. One of her best looks recently imo.
She was lovely at this appearance. Beautiful outfit and very nice make-up.

Some pics from Paris Match

Charlotte aux premières loges pour applaudir Karl Lagerfeld Charlotte aux premières loges pour applaudir Karl Lagerfeld

Do you think Juliette is paid to escort Charlotte to these public events? Just curious as her mother obviously works for the family and is often seen with Charlotte at airports assisting her.

Is Juliette strictly a friend who enjoys these events or is she also working?
Juliette is an actress. For her being to these events near to Charlotte is a nice promotion. I don't think she is paid. The opposite. Charlotte is granting her a favour. Because they are friends
But Charlotte abandoned riding? She is very much not participating in tournaments.
:previous: I can't lie, moby so am I.

He's also easiest on the eyes of all her partners.;)
Ok I'm behind..who is Dimitri and how long have they been an item?

Pranter do you remember that long ago TV commercial for Chanel perfume where the stunning model rises out of the reflecting pool? Share ze fantasy?

Well that was French supermodel Carole Bouquet and Dmitri is her baby boy by some Lebanese-French movie producer...really eccentric guy who is no longer among the living.

Dmitri and Charlotte "came out" as a couple in April, I think. He is separated from his wife ,who is Russian. She moved back to her homeland and they have two children.
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Oh yes ..gosh how old are we? lol

Will be interesting to see how this relationship works out.

I'm also not going to lie, that's 50% of the reason why I'm rooting for them. :D The other 50% would be the body language they have in pictures.
He is absolutely the most handsome yet. Perhaps she's steadily making better choices lookwise.
How long will be support the eternel press, he lost his private life.
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