Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 40: December 2015 -December 2016

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A big no to the way she's standing! I like her at the dinner, the hairstyle is a nice change.
:previous: :ermm: I don't get it. What's wrong with the way she's standing?
You know, I think Charlotte reminds me of my favourite actress Catherine Deneuve - none of her lovers was truly sympathetic and none of her relationships lasted for too long.
I mean Roger Vadim :bang:. What she saw in him? :whistling:
An upcoming event for Charlotte in presence of Princess Astrid of Belgium:

As a member of the Board of Directors of the FXB France Foundation (the non-governmental organization that has been fighting poverty around the world since 1991) Charlotte will attend a gala dinner organized by the foundation at the Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels on January 30.

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I wonder if in this case of occasions Charlotte will curtsy to PC Astrid.
Looking forward to it!!!!
Princess Caroline will be happy to see her Daughter representing a Board from Directors whose she is Member and will meet a royel and imperial Highness.

We do not see very often the Casiraghi with Royals. It is great that Charlotte accepted !
I remember a few years ago Princess Maria Laura of Belgium attended a Chanel fashion show. While being presented to Karl Lagarfeld, Karl told her that Princess Caroline spoke very highly of her mother, Princess Astrid. I assume they have met a few times for Karl acknowledging this.
If I'm not mistaken Albina de Boisrouvray (mother of the deceased François-Xavier Bagnoud, after whom the foudation is named) is Charlotte's godmother. I remember having seen photos of Albina & Charlotte in Point de Vue now and then.
Lovely appearance, beautiful dress and grooming.
On pic no 2 I had the impression she curtsy
I also liked her outfit! And the lipstick suited her, too! Hope to see more pictures!
I just wish she gains some weight, she was very beautiful back at 2007 and 2008. Having a rounder face switches her more, i believe.

What exactly does she do at the FXB foundation?

Btw, i have found the program of the Rencontres philosophiques for 2016!
Next happening with the theme "love and justice" on 25th February.

A proposal/opinion: should we make a thread about her work/activities as president of Rencontres philosophiques?
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She looks wonderful, and I loved reading about the organization she works for, especially her godmother (what a phenomenal woman!). :flowers:
Oh thanks all of you for the nice feedback! Charlotte overdose - i like it!!
Does anyone know if she is still with Lamberto Sanfelice? I thought they made a lovely couple but it seems to have gone very quiet on that front.
Gad el Maleh is starting an important ans succesful American carreer.
This is not easy for a frenchman and I think he does not need Charlotte anymore.
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