Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 39: January 2014 - December 2015

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Well, she has a degree in philosophy but yes, calliung her a philosopher it's too much :D
LOL!!! the very idea!:lol:

She is a gorgeous and bright girl, but that is all.
Raphaël is really a gorgeous baby, lovely to see.
maybe she made a quick visit to her granny near Milan, who knows...
The article said they were with friends. Charlotte might also have business there with Gucci or publicity for the Global Champions tour. I saw that Rome and Miami Beach, Florida have been added to their show jumping schedule this year.

I just saw a headline that Frida Gianni, the creative director of Gucci, left her position a month early. Charlotte probably went to a going away party for her.
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Charlotte looks good, and she and Gad look very happy together :flowers:
Beautiful pics (love Charlotte's carefree hat & coat), but where is baby Raphael? :confused:

I'm secretly hoping he is with his grandmama Princess Caroline and will be attending the Monaco Circus Festival this week. *crossing fingers* :)
WOW, what an honor for Charlotte to be chosen as the new international ambassador for Montblanc! :cool:

Thanks for posting about it priyanka, much appreciated. :flowers:

I was so fascinated by this that I looked up Montblanc over on wikipedia: Montblanc (company) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Seems they are a German company that is owned by a South African family, and one of their many sister companies is Cartier. :)

How many companies does Charlotte represent now (officially or unoffically)? Gucci, Cartier, now Montblanc. And I know she has worn various haute couture outfits over the years from fashion houses across Europe. She really is a great ambassador for Monaco. :)
The reigning miss Switzerland Laetitia Guarino met Charlotte at a gala dinner of the FXB International that works against extreme poverty and AIDS worldwide. Miss Switzerland about Charlotte: "She was sitting at the next table, so I went over. I told her that I admire her very much, and congratulated her about the baby". In addition, they talked about horses - Charlotte Casiraghi is professional show jumper and the Miss Switzerland rides itself.
What really surprised Laetita Guarino in Charlotte: "She is very down to earth, kind and very charming. "In real life she is even more beautiful than at the photos".
Laetitia Guarino (ohne Freund) Charlotte Casiraghi in Gstaad FXB – Schweizer Illustrierte
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I am not surprised with her outfits! Only the black/white costume was chic and nice!
I'm guessing these latest black and white outfits were designed by the new creative director of Gucci. He was the former assistant creative director there.
Very nice outfit! I like her glasses and pashmina!
Very nice casual outfit, except for the UGG boots.

I have always loved Roversi' style of photography. Beautiful shot once again by him.
Love the new photos, especially where she's doing a karate chop, lol. :D Also I love the one where she looks like a ballerina. :)
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