Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 39: January 2014 - December 2015

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There is a 4 page ad for Gucci cosmetics with Charlotte inside the front cover of the November issue of US Vogue. I think Charlotte is officially a model now.
I don't like her hair... Although the cut suits her it seems rather flat... Her best hair style has been the bob so far IMO
She is lovely. Nice dress, makeup. hairdo, all perfect.
Is the girl with her in the first pic Juliette Maillot?
Poof! goes the rumors of a rift between Gad and Charlotte.;) She looks gorgeous.
The pix at the airport are faboulous, she is really a true perfect beauty and how in love they look !
Raphael is a cutie but I wish she would just quit smoking... (Although I know it's hard)
The new Point de View said that she might be interested in producing films one day.
Thanks, lazuli :flowers:

I really like her style lately, but this all jeans look wasn't very successful for me!
It is older. It was for a cover she did atleast two years ago
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