Charles I (1600-1649) and Henrietta Maria of France (1609-1669)

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In 1647 King Charles I struck a deal with the Scots that if they restored his power he would grant them three years without any royal interference in their church affairs.
Ireland from 1641 until 1653 was in open rebellion and even set up its own Parliament at Kilkenny Castle which was known as the Irish Catholic Confederation.The island was more or less self-governed between 1642 and 1649 from Kilkenny.
A great synod of the outlawed Irish Catholic hierarchy also took place at Kilkenny and was attended by the Archbishops of Cashel, Armagh and Tuam along with other bishops.
The Irish bishops sent agents to France, Spain and to the Papal States to gain support.
The synod drafted the Confederate Oath of Association in May 1642 which pledged allegiance to Charles I.
The king was making overtures to Roman Catholics for pledges of support.
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