Charles and Diana’s 30th Wedding Anniversary: A Look Back

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I had forgotten about that; thanks for reminding me! I believe that is very true. If one looks at the newsreels and/or photos of Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon in that same coach both to and from Westminster Abbey, she has the windows well open! And this was April in London, not the warmest of cities at that time of year. Since Diana was married in July, on an unusually hot day, but had to keep the windows closed for security purposes (I read that somewhere and it makes sense.) - it must have been stifling in that coach. Plus it's a much longer ride to St. Paul's than it is to the Abbey. Diana really needed to have allowed Kevin Shanley to use the products he needed to get her hair through that day in a nice style.

Typical of Diana to think of it and warn Sarah, who also married in July. The Princess was almost always thoughtful and caring of others' comfort, especially in a nerve-racking situation such as being the bride in a Royal Wedding! I believe she also advised Sarah to choose a heavy material for her wedding gown to avoid the contretemps with creases that Diana initially had with her gown.

wow! is too much new information! Thanks for sharing!:p
I always smile when I remember how regular Pantene hairspray from Boots remained her favourite until the day she died.)
I do too. So much like the rest of us.;):)
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