Charles and Camilla: Visit to Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE - February 2007

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AuroraB said:
I would love to know what the conversation entailed! Maybe horses. :D
From the actions and laughter, it certainly looked as though it was something all the women knew and enjoyed...... so it's got to have been a naughty horse! :)
Skydragon said:
And of course the usual putdown from some members of the British Press!

Prince Charles and the palace in the sky

Weeks after declaring that he wants to be the greenest member of the Royal Family, Prince Charles flew to the Gulf with a 20-strong party aboard a private jet which can seat seven times that number

This is rediculous the plane was for security reasons. And the press turnded down a ride claiming it was too small. He's damned if does and if he doesn't sadly.
Prince Charles (L) talks with Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah during a meeting in Kuwait City, 20 February 2007

ANP Beeldbank

Prince Charles (C) talks with Kuwait's Chief of Staff Majour General Fahid al-Amir (L) and Commander of the British Military Mission in Kuwait James Mackaness (R), during the former's visit to Mubarak al-Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College in Shuwaikh. 20 February 2007

ANP Beeldbank
milla Ca said:
Charles and Camilla begin Gulf tour

The Royal Couple will arrive on a private chartered flight this evening, local time and be met by Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, heir to the Emir of Kuwait.

Charles and Camilla begin Gulf tour | the Daily Mail

( What a name! Maybe i should also write Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales...:lol: )

You better write: HRH The Prince of Wales, son of the queen Elizabeth II. and grandson of the king George VI. of the Royal House of Windsor of the United Kingdon of Great-Britain and Northern Ireland. At least AFAIK. The Al-something means "son of" and Al-Sabah is the family name.
love the black and white-classic, simple and understated, she looks wonderful. it annoys me that she is referred to a camilla parker bowles also, it's disrespectful imo.
Does anybody know if the Sheikh has more than one wife.
sirhon11234 said:
Does anybody know if the Sheikh has more than one wife.

I wonder why are the western always ask this question about arab royals ;)

the wife of the Amir died several years ago and I didn't heard that he married again , and also I didn't heard that the crown prince had another wife .

I hope this helped to answer your question .
It looks as if she is an experienced bubble blower! :lol:





Pictures from Yahoo
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Thank you for the nice pics of today!:flowers:

The green or is it turquoise ( in german we would say: petrol) coat with the suitable scarf and the bracelet fitted Camilla very well. Again i think she´s very attractiv.:)

There are only some pics where the Duchess is seen together with the Prince today, it seems that they were seperated for most of their duties today.
But maybe there is a dinner or a reception this evening?
Skydragon said:
It looks as if she is an experienced bubble blower! :lol:
HAHA....just goes to show, we're all kids at heart. :)
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Camilla looks fantastic in that color. The whole outfit suits her very well. Thanks for the pics.
I wonder what jewels will be added to the coiffers from this trip!
Arthur Edwards is now doing video for the tour. It has clean audio on Camilla. You can actually hear her talk. Nice plus. :) It drives me crazy when they do voiceovers over the royals when they show video on them. Which i pretty much all the time. :(
The Sun Online - Video: REFRESH roo player direct link
I like it but part of me hopes the podcasts aren't history. I really enjoyed Arthur's podcasts. I like hearing Arthur's comments.
RubyPrincess168 said:
I wonder what jewels will be added to the coiffers from this trip!

I have to admit that's the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about the trip :lol:
Charles visits Kuwait military college

KUWAIT CITY: Britain’s Prince Charles yesterday visited Kuwait’s joint command and staff college, which is run jointly with British military experts, after meetings with the state’s leaders.

Prince Charles due in Qatar soon

Britain’s Prince Charles aims to seek Qatar’s help in the promotion of moderate Islam, besides discussing military cooperation, environmental protection and energy security during his visit to Doha.
the duchess is lovely, the photo of her making bubbles warmed my heart... absolutely sweet.
Camilla on bubbly form in Kuwait

A schedule packed with official engagements doesn't offer the Duchess of Cornwall many opportunities to indulge in light-hearted fun. Camilla got to experience just that when she and Prince Charles visited the young patients in a hospital in Kuwait, though.

Camilla on bubbly form in Kuwait

This picture is lovely!

Charles and Camilla

and this one

Charles and Camilla 2

In these they appear to be sharing a joke or two!

Giggles 1

Giggles 2

all from Getty
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Thank you everyone for the articles and pictures.
Special thank you to Skydragon for posting this wonderful picture of Charles and Camilla. :wub:
great photos, thanks everyone. she looks lovely in all of them, but my favorite is the cream/white outfit, she looks gorgeous. love their affection and enjoyment of each other -it's nice to see.
Skydragon said:
Camilla on bubbly form in Kuwait
Now those are the pictures we are waiting for (at least on this sub-forum ;) )! Thank you Skydragon for sharing them. :flowers:
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Camilla of Cornwall has hit all the right notes during this princely visit to Kuwait.

Especially that crème outfit is simply gorgeous.
I agree with everyone, this latest outfit really is lovely! :flowers:
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