Charles and Camilla: Visit to Australia (2018 Comm. Games) and Vanuatu - April 2018

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Thread to discuss the proposed trip to Australia by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to inaugurate the Commonwealth Games
A press release for the upcoming visit:

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia, beginning their engagements in Brisbane on Wednesday 4th April. His Royal Highness, accompanied by The Duchess, will represent Her Majesty The Queen at the opening of the XXI Commonwealth Games, reading out Her Majesty's customary message, calling on athletes to come together in the spirit of friendly competition. Their Royal Highnesses will visit Brisbane & the Gold Coast together; before His Royal Highness continues his visit to Queensland and the Northern Territory, concluding on Tuesday 10th April. The Prince of Wales will visit Vanuatu on Saturday 7th April, where his programme will include learning more about the reconstruction which has taken place following the devastating impact of Cyclone Pam.

In addition to the theme of Commonwealth, the tour will include engagements which focus on the themes of community, sustainability and disaster recovery and resilience; as well as visits which highlight The Prince's connections to the Australian Armed Forces. The Tour will include visits to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Bundaberg and Cairns in Queensland, and the Gove Peninsula and Darwin in the Northern Territory. In Vanuatu, The Prince will visit Port Vila on Efate.
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Will they be back in time for the events in London
What events in London?

Camilla is here for three days and Charles for about a week.

Edward will be here for longer arriving the day Charles leaves.
Thank You. I vaguely read something about a commonwealth leaders dinner that is supposed to be a tiara event. I was just wondering if the couple would miss that gala
CHOGM is 16th -20th April, they would never schedule them at the same time. Charles is hoping to be the future head of the Commonwealth, he’d never miss that.
The dinner is usually on the first night and Charles will be back for that.

There is no way they would have the Commonwealth Games and CHOGM clash as many of the Commonwealth Heads of Government will want to go to Brisbane to support their athletes.
3 days for such a long trip seems odd, but I am glad Camilla is going, even if for just a few days. I had a bad feeling about this trip when it was announced - nothing specific just a gut feeling. I sincerely hope and pray that I am wrong and all is well. I like them much more than I do the younger, more popular royals.
Camilla cutting it short after 3 days sounds logical to me. She'll be there with Charles for the main events yet, knowing how she just doesn't adapt well to hot weather, is bypassing on a more lengthly trip.

She may also have other things on her plate she needs to do once she's back in the UK.
Let's face it, Camilla has not a strong health and above all she can't stand hot weather. She know her limits very well, and indeed it's quite logical to cut short such a long trip.
But it's logical for us, and i'm afraid highly questionable for others...
Aren't Charles and Camilla already on the way to Singapore, enroute for Australia and the Commonwealth Games?
Aren't Charles and Camilla already on the way to Singapore, enroute for Australia and the Commonwealth Games?

Possibly but it doesn't take that long.

If they leave later today London time they will be in Brisbane at 6.00 a.m. or so on Wednesday (have take BA many times and the flight leaves around 9.00 p.m. at night and arrives in Sydney/Brisbane about 5.30 - 6.00 a.m. two days later so leave Monday night and arrive Wednesday morning.

I would expect them to therefore leave later tonight (Charles certainly as Camilla may have gone ahead to get 'heat adjusted' by staying a few extra days in Singapore). They will then have a few extra hours in Singapore before the RAAF plane brings them the rest of the way.

Monday's CC should indicate when they actually left the UK, unless they have taken and extra day or so for a holiday on the way ...
Thank you, Iluvbertie. Yes, I was calculating in two or three days in Singapore, at least for Camilla, before continuing on to Brisbane.
I have seen the CC up to the 1st April and according to it they haven't left the UK and for such a high profile tour - the heir to the throne coming to open the Commonwealth Games - it would be normal for that to be listed.

Charles normally doesn't take 'extra days' but flies out, does his thing and flies back asap.

Camilla may have already left - we haven't seen her for some time. Her last engagement was 22nd March.
They have landed in Brisbane and undertaken the official welcome and walkabout in the Botanic Gardens there.
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have arrived in Brisbane to begin their Australian tour, tying in with the start of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The royal couple kicked off their visit with a formal ceremony at Old Government House, including an inspection of the guard and a 21 gun-salute.

Following the ceremony, the pair took a more informal stroll through the botanic gardens where Queenslanders gathered to welcome the royal visitors.
Read more: Prince Charles and Camilla touch down in Brisbane for Australian tour
Love the videos and the enthusiasm of the Aussies. :flowers: One woman spoke of how kind Camilla's eyes were. Very sweet. We don't hear details like that often.
Look forward to the footage, and games. Did any reporters go with them? Or are they too busy preparing for baby watch to care?

Tim Rooke (photographer) is in Australia with C&C, apparently Arthur Edwards is as well but I haven't seen anything on his Twitter yet.

Charles and Camilla have been in Australia for a few days already, staying in regional NSW on the Deltroit Estate owned by one of Charles's long-time friends, Sir Michael Hintze. One of our news stations got footage of them boarding a RAAF plane at Wagga Wagga Airport this morning.
Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall made secret trip to Gundagai property - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

New photos from this evening:

Clarence House @ClarenceHouse 9m9 minutes ago
Their Royal Highnesses then attended a reception on the Gold Coast ahead of the @GC2018 opening ceremony, as guests of the Governor-General. There they met various other guests including The King of Tonga. #RoyalVisitAustralia
Arthur Edwards was at the Botanic Gardens. Channel 7 kept getting him into their coverage. Those photographers were very close to Charles and the crowds.
I actually don't see Camilla doing anything unusual at all. Those programs are provided to give information on the event. Perhaps she was looking up something that she wanted clarification on? Heck, how many people will be glancing through the program provided for a church service at various times.
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