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Andy R

Imperial Majesty
Site Team
Jul 25, 2004
United States
As many of you have noticed, we have changed the name of our community to "The Royal Forums" This was done in order to provide visitors a clearer understanding of what our community is; a group of forums about royalty. will remain up and running for at least 90 days. We will be working to convert the links throughout the posts that reference our old domain name to our new name.

We will continue to evolve our community over the next month adapting to our new software. We remain confident that we will continue to be the premier community on the internet for discussing royalty.

We have such a wonder and diverse membership base that is the foundation of our community. Everyone deserves a big applause for helping create such a great resource!
Bear is still a member but does not actively participate in the management of the site anymore.
hillary_nugent said:
HEy does that mean BEar is gone? ^__^
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