Caroline and Family - Picture Thread Part 2

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were they in camargue?? the lady in the denim jacket has on a camargue jacket (that's where i worked!!)
carline's bob

i think caroline looks so cute when her hair is cut in a short bob.
So nice pictures towsend :)
If you happen to find some of Stephanie and her kids in your large collection as well it would be so cool if you could post some we've never seen before. We'd love it. :)
Photosession with kids...they are so adorable in their outfits:) :p :) ..Townsend posted somewhere bigger pics of this event..

Source; ebay /hosting TinyPic

This photoshooting has been one of the cutest.. :)
The very first pic I ever saw of the trio

This seems to be the best place for posting this pic. Source: Newscom/tiny pic hosting site


This was my introduction to the Casiraghi Trio. I saw this very pic in a magazine, so obviously there wasn't this annoying watermark. It was in People magazine along with an article about Caroline when she had alopecia. I've been hooked ever since. :eek:
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Back from the 80's: Caro, Stefano and their kids (masterphoto)

where are the pics with Andrea???:confused:
:eek: :eek: Sorry photofan i thought I had more with Andrea but i couldnt find them. (He 's in the the first pix:D ) If I found more I will post them..
But here are some of Caro with the three Casi"s. Source: Hola, Story, German mag. & Paris Match.





Thanx for posting all bunch of photos of that day, Townsend! Now we have all collection. It's great to see it in one place!;) :) That was first day of school or something else?

This maybe isn't some quality photo, but I like it very much..:) :)

So cute Pierre on Mom's shoulders..Blonde curlies..I think it's from 1991..(ebay)
I don't really know. She might have been one of Stefano's nieces or a friend's daughter...
Or perhaps Melanie,if it´s her name, the grandaughter of Princess Antoniette
Piewi said:
Or perhaps Melanie,if it´s her name, the grandaughter of Princess Antoniette

I also think it's Melanie!
Im almost 100% sure that it 's Melanie.:D I do have this pix also and they tell that she's Melanie. About the pix I posted Ianna, They are not from there first schoolday. I think the came from a little church. Prince Rainier was also there. She the follow pix. Source: Hola, Gente.
And Ianna enjoy your Own collection now!;)


Look at Pierre spencer! he loves "Barbar" that time, cause he had also a schoolbag then. (I will post it later)
Indeed Townsend, now can have all collection, thanx to you :) You're the best "magazine" we could have!;) :) Thanx for pointing out Pierre's "Barbar"'s.:p :) .Looking forward to see his schoolbag!

One together photo of Caroline and Stefano with children..It's from 1990..I think it also belong to that collection of photos already posted in some thread..those photos were one of last with Stefano:( ..(Newscom)

Well here there are Ianna. Pierre with his cute Barbar schoolbag. And also a pix from his first school and the list of names from his classmates. Source: Hola, Semana and Lectura




Pierre's school...


The list of names...
And the second part of Charlotte and Andrea schoolday. Source: Lecturas & Semana.





The school from Charlotte and Andrea.
And the last part. Back from school. Charlotte and Pierre. Source: Lecturas


towsend said:
Well here there are Ianna. Pierre with his cute Barbar schoolbag. And also a pix from his first school and the list of names from his classmates. Source: Hola, Semana and Lectura
Pierre's school...
The list of names...

Just amazing how many clippings you have!:) ;) Always very happy when see your posts here on forum..You could have a site of your own based on Casiraghi' or even Grimaldi's..;) By putting the list of Pierre's classmates I finally got a proof (read somewhere about it, but wasn't sure) that Casiraghi's were enrolled in their school under "Casi" surname in order to protect them from media attention. Never saw pics of thier schools! Thank you so much for sharing!:)
By the way, Pierre is so so cute with his schoolbag and blue Converse's..:p
Thanks for posting those pics, townsend, that schoolbag was really sweet! :)
Towsend you have so many great pics!!! Even the list of names of Pierre`s classmates!!!! BTW Babar`s schoolbag is so cute
Thanks for the pics
I do have this article Tosca. I only not scan Andrea..
From ; Point du vue
And here are the other pix of that Shopping day. (see thread: Shopping)
Source: Hola, Lecturas, Semana & Weekend



And two more... Source: Lecturas



btw I love the Crace Kelly Bag!!!!
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