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A little gem I discovered on YouTube;

QEII: You could use it for flowers or fruit or anything really.
Prince Philip: Or soup.
Prince Philip: Well, breakfast cereal then... yes, breakfast cereal.

:ROFLMAO:ROTFLOL!!! Another priceless moment brought to you by HRH!! :ROFLMAO:

BeatrixFan you made my day with this clip!! Thanks for finding it!
oh my godness hrh is a super star !:ROFLMAO:
i enjoy this video , it the first time that i heard the voice of the Empress Michiko she speak slowly :ROFLMAO:
thanks beatrixfan :)
A little gem I discovered on YouTube;
So lovely to hear Empress Michiko's voice and it's obvious that the two couples get on well.
Thank you so much BeatrixFan. Prince Philip really is priceless! I love the way the Queen rubbishes him so scathingly in such an amicable way.

You are right when you say the get on well. The way the Emperor and Empress laugh quietly but naturally at the amiable bickering shows how relaxed they all are in each other's company.

A rare gem indeed.

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Does anyone of you like the new look of the website of the BRF?
I don't like the new look. I had prefered the old look with the new features. The new look has a little bit something from a search engine.
Here's a video that actually is about Wills and Kate's relationship - but in a good way!

YouTube - Wills and Kate: Love

Check out the comments, the poor girl who did this video gets a lot of abuse for it!
From the above link is an excerpt about Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, eldest child of Bertie, the Prince of Wales (future Edward VII) and his wife Alexandra of Denmark. It's about the Jack the Ripper mystery:

Prince Eddy have been linked in different ways to the murders committed in the second half of the year 1888 in Whitechapel, in the East End of London. Between August and November, 1888, five prostitutes were savagely murdered and disemboweled in Whitechapel; these women were Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly. and the killer signed as Jack the Ripper. It was said that Prnce Eddy was Jack the Ripper; a witnness who saw Mary Kelly with her killer described the man as look alike Eddy. It is quite impossible the Prince had comitted the murders since he was in Scotland in the nights when two of the victims were killed.
Another incredible but not impossible theory was presented by Stephen Knight in his book "Jack the Ripper, the final solution". Knight tells the story of a man named Joseph Sickert who claimed to be Prince Eddy's grandson. Sickert says that inspite Eddy's weak character and lack on interests, his mother, Princess Alexandra, tried to interest him in arts by putting him under the protection of a famous painter named Walter Sickert, who would be Joseph's father. In 1888, the painter introduced Eddy to Annie Elizabeth Crook, a girl who worked in a tobacco shop at Cleveland Street. Eddy and Annie felt in love and got secretly married in St. Saviour's Chapel, having only one witness besides Sickert, a certain Mary Kelly, a friend of Annie who also worked in the tobaco shop. Annie soon became pregnant and gave birth to a girl, Alice Margaret, in April 1885. The certain Mary Kelly was paid by Sickert to be Alice Margaret's nanny.
The rumor of Eddy's affair arrived to the ears of the Prince's grandmother, Queen Victoria, and her Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury. They both want the affair brought to en end and uncover Eddy's participation. By those days the Royal Family's prestige was not on its best times because of the Prince of Wales' scandalous life and the Monarchy was quite unpopular. Salisbury feared that another scandal on the Royal family would caused the end of the Monarchy in England. So a raid was organized on Cleveland Street and Pirnce Eddy was taken away from Annie's room and put under severe vigilance and Annie was taken to an insane assylum, where she died in 1920. All these was watched by Sickert from his studio on that same street. The only one who escaped was Mary Kelly who took the girl with her. Later on Alice Margaret fall on Sickert hands. Mary Kelly became a prostitute and together with a group of friends to whom she had told the secret, tried to blackmail Salisbury about Eddy's affaire. Salisbury had to silence the prostitutes in someway. The man selected for the mission was Sir William Gull, a physician who had previously performed discreet abortions in the bedchambers of Windsor, and who was also a Francmasonic. Other two men were involved: Sir Robert Anderson, Assistant Comissioner of the Metropolitan Police and also a Francmasonic, and John Netley, Eddy's coachman who had many times conducted the Prince to see Annie. If Sickert's story was true, these men comitted the murders and created the myth of Jack the Ripper.
Eddy's supposed daughter, Alice Margaret, became Walter Sickert's mistress and she beared him a son, Joseph Sickert, and died in 1950. There is no evidence to confirm this exceptional story except Joseph Sickert's testimony.

Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale "Eddy"
How delight ful to read such an exquisite explanation.
You had my attention from the begining but where all came together was the part about a metropolitan being involved.
After reviewing all the opinions and submissions my belief was that a constable or someone high up in the constabulary of the agency had to be involved in the matter. So I say well done and by all means review that angle further.

James Archer

If anyone has heard of this website or nows if the website Prince Harry and Prince William unlimited is still up can you please tell me I been trying to find it? :flowers:
^^ The site closed and I don't think they have re-opened it. Sad because it was a great website

^^ The site closed and I don't think they have re-opened it. Sad because it was a great website

I am sad to here that to me it was one of the best if not the best Prince William and Prince Harry website out there, the pics that they had were amazing, thanks for letting me know. :flowers:
I wonder why they took it down?
Social group for HRH Prince William of Wales

Hello, my name is Kimmie. I created a group for Prince William in the social group section. So if any fans of Prince William want to join they are more than welcome :)!
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Facebook! Queen joins her grandchildren on the world¿s biggest social networking site | Mail Online

Royal protocol doesn’t yet cover the correct way to ‘poke’ the Queen.
But as of today, Her Majesty has joined Facebook, the social networking site already popular with all her grandchildren.
However, unlike some of the younger Royals – who have been caught out when their private moments were revealed online – the official page for the British Monarchy will strictly concern itself with official news and engagements.
I thought the HM Queen Elizabeth facebook pages have already been online since October, and she has nearly 8000 "Likes".

Is there another such page?
Buckingham Palace launches a Facebook page:

Britain's royals embrace Facebook: goes 'live' at 08:00 on November 8th 2010.

Britain's royal family is setting up its own Facebook page. Buckingham Palace has frequently emphasised the Queen's desire to embrace new media and they are already regular users of Twitter and YouTube. The British Monarchy page features pictures, videos, news and speeches from the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and other royals. Royal officials say the Queen has a BlackBerry, an iPod, and sent her first email from a military base back in 1976. The Facebook page is not a personal profile but users can "like" the service and receive updates on their news feed.

The Queen joins Facebook the world's biggest social networking site | Mail Online

As of today, Her Majesty has joined Facebook, the social networking site already popular with all her grandchildren. However, unlike some of the younger Royals – who have been caught out when their private moments were revealed online – the official page for the British Monarchy will strictly concern itself with official news and engagements.

‘The Queen has approved the decision – she knows all about Facebook,’ says an aide. *

‘Facebook is the final frontier of the Royal Family’s foray into digital technology.

‘It’s basically the Royal Household’s way of broadening its appeal and communicating to members of the public. The Queen knows all her grandchildren use Facebook and it would be remiss of the Household not to be keeping up-to-date with the web.’

The decision to sign up to Facebook is the latest move by the Queen to tap into social media and networking sites.

Earlier this year the Monarchy opened an account on the photo-sharing website Flickr, which to date hosts more than 1,400 pictures, including images of the Queen visiting HMS Ark Royal on Friday, Royal investitures and Queen Mary’s exquisite dolls’ house at Windsor Castle.

Last year a Royal Twitter account known as @BritishMonarchy was launched. It now has almost 70,000 followers and has posted more than 4,500 ‘tweets’.

The Household has also had a YouTube channel since October 2007.

Videos on The Royal Channel have been viewed more than eight million times since then, and it boasts 32,000 subscribers.

You can follow all the latest news on the royals from 8am, on Monday November 8th from here:
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