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Some wonderful old footage of the Queen with rarely seen coronation pictures and funny pictures of Charles and Anne as toddlers. Too bad the maker of the video decided to put the scenes to Cyndi Lauper's song.

But at the end is a delightful argument between the Queen and the Queen Mum over why the Queen is crying at a horse race. No Mummy I'm not crying. It's the wind. LOL
Here is a Prince Harry website i made..check it out and tell me if u like it...
Prince Harry

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It's funny the queen is showing skin in this film yet todays princess get it for showing skin and knees.
I'm surprised she's wearing a tiara

seto said:
It's funny the queen is showing skin in this film yet todays princess get it for showing skin and knees.

This event looks like a movie premier, she'd never wear a tiara to that now.
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Introducing The Royal Report


I'd like to introduce my online live chat show called The Royal Report. This show is about current events in the British Royal family. When it's live you can call in and offer your opinion on the subject, and chat in the chat room. Previous broadcast subjects have included: Should Camilla attend the Diana memorial? Kate Middleton - What's the big deal? and, Diana's legacy - Does she have one?

If you happen to miss the broadcast, each show is available as a Podcast afterwards.

You can catch the show on NowLive Channel: The Royal Report or through the link on my blog: Marilyn's Royal Blog.

The live show is every Sunday 5:00pm PST (8:00pm EST). The next live broadcast will be on Sunday September 2nd.

The topic for this show will be: Royal tell-alls - Are they a betrayal? Do you buy them? If so, which one is your favorite?

I hope you will join me!

Thank you for your time.

This video on youtube is so hilarious. This guy collects royal signatures. He got one from Diana, from Sarah Ferguson while they were married, from the Queen, the Prince of Wales. He even got several cards from Camilla before she was a royal! But Sophie :lol: snubbed him! Or at least her & Edward's private secretary snubbed him, saying they didn't want to follow the new fashion of providing signed photos! :ROFLMAO:
Well, did she ever sign a photo for him? It seems that this video was when they first got married.
All of these videos are from YouTube of course.

The Birth & Christening of HRH Prince Harry of Wales
It is very short but adorable to see Prince Charles talking about baby Harry having "dribbles" or something, and Diana wipes his mouth, but I wish it was a bit more.... It is a bit of a teaser. :bang:

At home with the Wales family in 1985
The famous Tim Graham photo shoot in live action, though rather poor quality.... Wills teaches Harry to pound senselessly on the piano. :D
William was so bad then, yelling "Harry" and picking pockets and hiding under tables! But at the end he helps his mummy apply her makeup. :lol:

Various clips of Diana and "her boys" on holidays
Nothing very special but it is kind of cute (in a sad way) to see Prince Harry trying to ski and he falls down. :ermm:

Celebrating 30 years of The Prince's Trust (Charles, William, and Harry)
Meet the Princes part 1
Meet the Princes part 2
Meet the Princes part 3
Meet the Princes part 4
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Honoring 30 years of Prince Philip's chancellorship of Cambridge University (April 2007)
But if you can only be patient throughout the lengthy introduction from the Vice-Chancellor, you will find that the dear man (that is, HRH) makes many jokes in his speech and he is delightful to listen to, as always, with his charmingly self-effacing wit. In particular, I enjoy his joke about starting from the top in his academic career, like his army career which began with him as Field Marshal! :lol: But so unlike his naval career, beginning that as a cadet in 1939.

Honoring 50 years of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme (Summer 2006)
There was a marvelous video about The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, with an interview with Prince Edward, made in the summer 2006 on ITV in advance of the DEA's 50th anniversary garden party at Buckingham Palace. It is the first of many succeeding videos on this page.
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