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British royal links

Hi everyone!

Is there any website that owned and maintained by the royal family members of Britain? Can anyone advice me the link please? Thank a lot!
BritishRoyalty - 5000+ photos

You are invited to come join my Yahoo groups. They're very active and we have lots of polls, interviews, magazine scans and desktop wallpapers. The news is posted every day. We also have over 5000 photos of the royals.
We write fanfictions about the royals that you are welcome participate in. Our current story is called "The Royal Wedding".
We also get together in the chatroom every Friday night.
Here are the links:

Hope to see you there!

AnitolaNova :)

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tx for the info. It would take me a month to read it !
Gloucester Online

All my online sites including Prince Edward Online and Countess of Wessex online but aren't updated now but will be in the near future Prince Andrew Online is in need of an update but has close to 500 photos! are done and there's a new addition to them:

GLOUCESTER ONLINE for the Duke & Duchess and their familly

xx hrh xx
And what about Lady Gabriella Windsor, any fan sites? :D
New Royal website

Hello all. :)

Please be kind to me if this isn't the polite thing to do - though this section does seem to indicate it's ok to post details about new web links? - but, truth is, I'm relatively new to forums. Actually, my work has brought me here (and to Google too) as I'm hoping you can perhaps help support a royal website - - literally just launched by a small team of us who work for a London-based TV company who've produced royal documentaries for over two decades now. Apologies if you have already read my posting on google but it's my job as 'Editor' to try to get people such as yourselves to interact with us as we try to offer something new in royal websites.

I say 'new' as, essentially, in the weeks to come our aim is to offer royal fans and experts worldwide the opportunity, via our website, to watch some of our continually growing archive of footage of the royals which we film in and around Britain (our latest assignment was filming Prince William as he gave his press conference at Charlton Athletic Football Club last Friday). We do also aim to cover European/world Royals. Our site IS still in the relatively early stages of growth so, if you do visit us in the near future, please do keep checking back as we expand and offer more services (prize competitions, reviews of royal DVDs/TV programmes/books, interviews and features with and by people we work with in the world of royal journalism, opinion pieces, gossip, latest news (etc etc).

At this point, though, we really would be grateful if you could maybe offer us some feedback as we're trying to gauge whether people would be interested in having the ability to watch the latest royal film footage via the internet, wherever they may be in the world?

If you do click onto our site and have any comments or thoughts, please feel free to e-mail me direct at and I'll be sure to reply to all messages.

Thanks very much for taking time out to read this. Kindest regards,

Joanne @ The Royalist
Thankyou for posting the link
great site,great news, great videos... thanks ;)
Sounds like a really great site...I'm going to check it out right now. :)
nice site...would be cooler if it weren't only about the British royals ^__^
The Royalist website

Thanks heaps for all your feedback and kind words, I'm relieved I
didn't offend by openly posting a link to a website on which I'm the
Editor! :)

For you Hillary, we'll actively try and feed your appetite for some
European/worldwide coverage. I'm thinking you're maybe an Australian
who is particularly interested in some info or even footage on Prince
Frederik and Princess Mary (am I right?) but sadly our camera lens
didn't yet reach to Denmark from London (yet!) ;-) Having said that,
we ARE in the process of actively discussing producing a lengthy
documentary on the young European royals so, who knows, we may have
something to offer you in the weeks/months to come.

Just for you, though, we'll next post a bit of footage we have of
Princes Charles, William and Harry at a recent polo event with ex-
Queen Anne Marie of Greece (don't get too excited, they're just
kissing each other as HM presents trophies). I know she's maybe not
the worldwide royalty you're looking to see but it's a start. :)

Actually, I should tell you that our camera team were out and about
in London last week to film the Norwegian Royal Family's visit to
their British relatives....again, we're hoping to post that footage
soon too (please bear with us as we're really in the early stages
here, we're going to get much faster in the weeks to come - or I'll
be sacked (no, not really) :) - at posting our latest footage whilst
it is relevant/in the news).

Out of interest, did many of you readers from outside Britain see
last week's footage of Prince William chatting happily with the Press
at a football club in London? Reason I ask: we filmed this event too
and so maybe some of you would like us to post this in the very near

By the way, we hate to do this but it's a fact of life that this kind
of project does cost us a lot of money but we REALLY don't want to
have to start charging even a small fee for all of you to get access
to our archive of film footage in the months ahead (BTW, we also have
thousands of rare photos of royalty worldwide - from hundreds of
years ago to the present day - which we plan to put up on the site
too). We're simply hoping if enough people click on the Google ads on
our site, this will generate enough revenue to help us cover our
overheads. So if you do visit our site and like what you see, please
can you support us and help keep our footage free to all by clicking
on even just one Google ad each time you visit. Thank you. :)

Again, sincere thanks to all of you for your encouragement. Please do
keep in touch with us, be it now or in the months to come. We'd also
be interested in any of your comments or even opinions on matters
royals - anything at all - which you'd like us to post on the
website. We genuinely want to get a good interaction underway with
royal fans worldwide as your views and enjoyment of the site are what
really matter.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my ramblings again. I look forward
to hopefully hearing from you in the near future. :)

New Site

Mods - place this message wherever it fits, I was not sure where to put it. I am mostly on Etoile when it comes to RF forums, but I have recently created my own site, and I hope some of you will sign up for it. As of Monday night I have 7 members, but it was 7 members in about 2 days, so I think Im starting off good.

I offer a place where you can freely express your opinion without being bashed by other users, come check it out!


Prince willaim and Harry videos?

I was wondering if anyone has any links to videos with prince william or Harry? :)
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