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Hmmm could of been.


Makes me sad seeing those and the video that was taken at the same time given what happened a few weeks later. Happy too that after this summer the ridiculous habit of dragging the children out for press moments stopped…apart from the odd skiing one etc. It was an odd habit of the 90’s and early 2000’s but seemed to virtual disappear for William and Harry once Diana died. And beyond thrilled the Cambridge children never have to do it.
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How funny (and cute) to see William looking rather similar to now.
Those old photos of Diana, Charles and William are just so lovely. But I can't help but feel that those sort of private photos should have remained private. And the cynic in me can't help but think of the timing, just before the Coronation, to perhaps help Charles' image...
The Princess of Wales shared a photo of Queen Elizabeth II with some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to mark her 97th birthday.
"Today would have been Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 97th birthday.

This photograph - showing her with some of her grandchildren and great grandchildren - was taken at Balmoral last summer."
It’s a beautiful family photo. I was hoping someday we’d see a photo like this, since we did after Philip passed away.

Glad so many of her family were able to see her shortly before she passed away.

I recall Beatrice (and probably Eugenie) visited shortly before as well, just on a different day.
Gorgeous photo.

I so wanted one of these for the jubilee as with the ninetieth birthday or a whole family photo but given the sensitivities it may not have been possible. Then I wanted one after she died because I knew they took these year on year. I am sure given even Easter last year they have more comprehensive photos of the whole family together. But given not all the great grandchildren we're in this one it is a sensitive touch.

End of an era for these kids. It is my understanding that Philip and the Queen did at least one of these from the time Savannah arrived followed year on year by Isla, George, Mia and Charlotte and then the two L babies. After lockdown Philip disappeared and of course probably none in summer 2020.

When Philip died it was sensitive to release the 2018 one amd now again this one with the acknowledgement that all weren't there.
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