British Royal Family Picture Thread

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Great photos! You have an amazing historic collection of pictures there! congratulations, i love them:flowers:

The Queen with her parents in 1929.
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Who's in these pictures? Who the "cousins" are? Except the Prince Charles and Princess Anne, of course. Royal cousins | Flickr - Photo Sharing! and Royal cousins | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward should be recognizable as well.....

From left to right in the first picture:

James Ogilvy
Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones
Earl of St Andrews
Lady Helen Windsor
Prince Andrew
Prince Edward
Viscount Linley
Marina Ogilvy

From that you should be able to figure out the second picture.....
2nd on the right could be David, Viscount Linley (son of P Margaret)
Elizabeth and Margaret in 1950`s

Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth 1953


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The queen and her clothes change, but the jewels stay the same. They are the constant in the picture of a beautiful young woman into a lovable great granny, and they make all the difference in photo over the years.
A Rare Picture of the British Royal Family in the early 1950's-

The Duke of Kent, Princess Margaret, Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Duchess of Kent, the Duke of Gloucester, Princess Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Gloucester, Queen Mary, King george VI with Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles, Prince Richard of Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent, Prince William of Gloucester- 1951

World of Windsor: Photo
Two Centuries of Royal Children

This link has been posted on Twitter. IT appears to be a catalogue sale of royal photographs from late 19th century through to modern times. There are some amazing photos with explanations of who is there.

Includes other European royalty

WARNING - it takes time to load as there are over 60 pages with photos. Worth the effort though. Some of the modern pictures are special, including one of QEQM, Princess Margaret, Anne, Andrew and Beatrice together.

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That was really cool. Thanks for the link.
60th wedding anniversary

image%255B298%255D.png (image)

I like the glimpses of HM's and Camilla's dainty metallic shoes peeking out from their skirts. And Princess Anne! She looks very curvaceous in that gown. On the back row, I assume that is the Duchess of Kent standing between her husband and Viscount Linley, but it doesn't really look like her. Can someone confirm? William and Harry look funny!
British Royal Family picture thread

That is Princess Alexandra between her brother the Duke of Kent and Viscount Linley .
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I actually like seeing the old pictures of the royals doing the family pictures outside or inside the royal estates, they don't do it anymore for some reason. I think it's a shame because they've grown into such a nice large family. I think the perfect large family picture should've been doing around the Diamond Jubilee. I'm not sure we'll get another Jubilee like that for The Queen.
Royal photographer Paul Ratcliffe has revamped his website...

Royal Photography by Paul Ratcliffe
Royal Photography by Paul Ratcliffe

This site is worth spending some time exploring as there are some interesting photos and by clicking on the images, many will expand to a much larger size.

Here are two examples, severely reduced to thumbnail size.
The images remain © Paul Ratcliffe.


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Moving Images:
The King and Queen on a State Visit to France 1938-
Uneasy lies the Head that Wears a Crown

The late King George and Queen Elizabeth made such an elegant and very regal couple back in the day. They embodied what a King and Queen should like and conduct themselves on the world stage.
Jolly holiday! Never-before-seen photos capture the Royal Family being greeted by crowds in Scotland in the 1950s (and reveal the Queen Mother's close bond with her grandson Prince Charles)

Is that Prince Philip's mother in the nun's habit in the middle of the first picture in the article?

Yes she is Princess Alice.
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Is that Prince Philip's mother in the nun's habit in the middle of the first picture in the article?
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