British Royal Family Current Events 9: January 2017 - July 2018

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It is interesting that the Queen made the visit with Prince William. It might be just a coincidence, but it adds to the speculation on who the Queen's "plus one" will be as the Duke of Edinburgh retires from public life.
They had a joint engagement last month.
I agree it was a good choice to send the Queen and William. Charles, the future king, Camilla and Catherine were busy as well today and it's very nice to see that the "team" is hard at work.
We can expect more visits from the senior royals anytime soon ...
As to who accompanies the Queen, I am guessing that will depend on the engagement. This year is really where William, Catherine and Harry are getting their feet wet in the work of the "Firm", putting into practice what they have seen and learnt throughout their lives. Unfortunately, it seems to be a baptism by fire for the three of them in that there have been so many disasters in such a short time.

I was interested watching HM when a woman began screaming out/crying and watched her never lose focus. She knew there was nothing she could do and that there were plenty of trained people there who could. William, on the other hand, found himself almost making excuses and promising to come back as he was leaving. The man calling about children was not related to the children and once again, HM could do nothing herself and neither could William, but he felt the need to apologise.

That is going to be one of the hardest lessons for them to learn. Focus on the reason you are there. The situation at this stage is too new, too raw, for them to go off script. And if they try to get engaged in everything they will soon find themselves suffering from compassion fatigue. Worn out and unable to do what they alone can do.

They cannot allow themselves to be drawn into the details, stepping on the toes of volunteers and/or professionals, let alone local and national politicians. Hard as it may be to grasp, that is "politics". And just as the last three terrorist attacks are political, the Grenfell Tower fire has already become very, very "political.

HM, and the senior members of the BRF know this. William, Catherine and Harry are going to have to learn this the hard way.
I think it's great that as the DoE winds down and the Queen is slowing down that William start making appearances with her (and Harry should too)...they are going to be high profile from now on...and part of the main working group (along with their wives).

Charles stays pretty busy doing his own appearances I think.

William make more sense than Harry because he can be learning from the Queen while doing it.
Yes for sure William...but it's nice to see the Queen with Harry also..and he will be a prominent figure for some years yet.

Actually, I think that as time passes, Harry will become more of a right hand man and play a huge part in the workings of the Firm and will be up front and very involved in just about everything just as Charles as King and William as the heir apparent will be. I do expect Harry to be seen with the Queen in the future once the DoE does step down completely as much as we'll see William and Kate.

All three of the Three Musketeers are going to be ramping up their public roles as senior royals and as close as they work together now, I don't see that changing at all in the future.
The Duke of Cambridge & Prince Harry are playing at Cirencester Polo Club today to raise funds for @HCMRegt @centrepointuk @supportthewalk

Via Roya Nikkhah twitter
Wonder if Kate and the kids will be there watching...

She's creating wonderful memories as in "remember that summer when I rode so much with Granny at Windsor?"
Nice photos of the Queen riding and always nice to see Louise riding. Wish there were more images but RexFeatures doesn't seem to have anymore.
Nice seeing the Queen riding and spending time with her son and grand daughter. Nice memories
Can't translate but it appears to be about the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele which is July 31
True - the Battle of Passchendaele started on the 31st July and run for most of the rest of the year in the mud on Flanders. The photos of the men up to their knees or even waists in mud generally were taken at this battle. One soldier even commented 'I have no fear of dying. I have been the Hell. They called it Passchendaele.' There are some other quotes about this horror in Belgium where 1000,000s died and many more were wounded and for what? I don't think it achieved anything at all anymore.
Short video announcement that the King and Queen of Belgium along with The Prince of Wales and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

UK in Belgium @UKinBelgium
We're delighted to welcome the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the #Passchendaele100 commemorative events

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The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge will attend the Royal Military Edinburgh Tattoo together at Edinburgh Castle on August 16th
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