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I've started reading this. I didn't think that I liked Anne de Courcy's writing but this particular book is well-written.

She states that Snowdon did indeed authorise this (!) and she regards him with affection. He's certainly very complicated. de Courcy blames his bad relationships on his upbringing. His parents were divorced and his mother was rather cold and preferred the sons of her second marriage to the children from the first. It all sounds incredibly old-fashioned and difficult. The children were not allowed in certain rooms, for example.

When Snowdon became a photographer he was looked down on by many in 'society'. He was even beaten up a few times! After one instance he dressed himself up and turned up again at events as if nothing had happened.

He's courageous and charming, but not especially likeable so far!
Unfortunately no library with English books so I will have to buy it but that doesn´t worry me I love books, I have some on the way and then I am going to get this one, it will be interesting to see his side of the story, but then we don´t really know Princess Margaret´s side of it and probably never will.
God, he sounds like such a hedonist. I don't think I could read this book. The biography of Princess Margaret was excessively hedonistic and was rather depressing to read.

I don't think I could take another book like that.
I'm waiting for a second-hand copy to show up somewhere at a reasonable price. It does look interesting, and I'd like to see how the story from his point of view fits with the Margaret biographies.
Funny how this book has come out now that Margaret is dead. I have her authorised biography, which of course makes for tame reading compared to what this book promises. Interesting though how his own biography doesn't seem to be any kinder to him than hers was.

The biography of Princess Margaret was excessively hedonistic and was rather depressing to read.
I don't think I could take another book like that.
I agree with you about Lord Snowdon to some extent, but he did work very hard! I don't agree that Princess Margaret was that much of a hedonist. She was quite religious.
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A SPIRIT UNDAUNTED by Robert Rhodes James

I've recently finished reading Robert Rhodes James "political biography" of George VI and am interested in discussing it here with anyone who's interested. What I found fascinating about it is how much influence a monarch can have while still being within constitutional bounds. :flowers:

Here's the Amazon page for this book.
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War of the Windsors.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through War of the Windsor by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior.

It has let me in on a whole new look on the royal family!

Anyone else read/or is reading this book?

Royal Train book

There's a new book out on the Royal Train. Has anyone seen it?
"The Royal Train: The Inside Story"
by Brian Hoey

published October 2008

V cover
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"We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany"
by Brian Hoey

JR Books, published 1 May 2011 We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany (9781906779856): Brian Hoey: Books


They're not like us, the Royal Family. Or are they? We simply don't know and we're all intrigued to find out. Remember the headlining story of Charles' 'choosing the egg' ceremony? We Are Amused is the practical miscellany of the royal family that everyone's been waiting for. True or false - the Queen Mother gave her clothes to charity? Hundreds of people send Her Majesty boxes of chocolates on her birthday - what happens to them? Where are the best places to go to see the Royal Family? Does the Queen hold a driving licence and did she pass a test? What are the correct days and hours when it is permitted to fly a flag above Buckingham Palace? Including fascinating facts on Abdication, Birthdays, Christmas, Dining, Equerries, Fashion, Garden Parties, Hairdressers, Insignia, the Jewel House, Kensington Palace, Liveries, Maids of Honour, Nannies, Orbs, Protection Squads, the Queen's Piper, Racing, Tartans, the Union Jack, Queen Victoria, Weddings, the X-ray Machine at Buckingham Palace, Yachts and Zara Phillips - this is an unbeatable little guide to our great Monarchy.

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"The Royals" by Kitty Kelley (1997)

"The Royals" by Kitty Kelley

News - The Independent

16 September 1997
Royals Besieged: Sources close to Kitty Kelley reveal it's all muck-raking

"Kitty Kelley, the controversial American biographer, will set the world gossiping this week about the loves and private lives of the Royal Family.
But is it all tawdry hype rehashing ancient and unproven gossip? Paul McCann talks to some of the people cited as `sources'. The veracity of the Kelley muck-raking book The Royals crumbled yesterday after her named sources emerged as professional gossips, left- wing republican journalists or were simply dead.

Much of the information in the book is attributed to "confidential sources" in the royal household, but many of those who are named denied yesterday providing Ms Kelley with any useful information while others turned out to be the third-hand reminiscences of dead aristocrats.

Dame Barbara Cartland, the romantic novelist, is quoted as the source of information on Earl Mountbatten and Prince Charles, but she denied ever having met, spoken to or corresponded with Kitty Kelley: "My secretary told me she wasn't safe," said Dame Barbara yesterday. "So she wouldn't let me speak to her." A close reading of The Royals reveals that Dame Barbara's information is in fact lifted from an old interview."

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image 1: first published 1997
image 2: reissued with new material 2010

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"The Royals" by Kitty Kelley (1997)

A couple of days ago I was at the bookstore and walked to the royal books(of course) and spotted "The Royals" by Kitty Kelley.I wanted to see what was all the fuss about the author and read a few pages and I was hooked.

Its been four days and Im almost done with the 500 page book.

But there are some things that I dont want to believe like Margrete was a snob and treated her friends poorly,she was too lazy too to royal duties and insulted the Irish.

What do you think?Have any of you read the book?
Yes,I read this book some years ago,there was specifically entitled "The Windsors" and it was divided in two parts.It's true there were many speculations,as the rivalry between Queen Mother and Missis Simpson for king Edward VIII's attention before the marriage.But it seems Kitty Kelly is a professional writer-biographer as she wrote many biographies of celebrities.

Generally,I enjoyed the first part of the book,the second one which is about Queen Elizabeth II's kids and Diana's death seemed to be the recollection of all more or less scandalous or poor taste press articles.I think some facts could be trustworthy but take the facts put in it with a grain of salt before making the final conclusions.

The facts about Margaret being snob I do agree,as there were many people declaring this fact.I think the best Windsors' biography author is Sarah Bradford that wrote precise statements and facts.
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I read it when it first came out in 1997 when I was very young, so didn't realize you had to take everything with a grain of salt. Some of the stories were well-known. Others were nothing more than tabloid fluff (the worst probably being that the Queen was quite the nympho as a newlywed). Then there are stories that probably have a unreliable source but are probably true: when her marriage to Charles soured, Diana threw out all her low-heeled shoes (so she wouldn't tower over him in public) and said "Won't need these anymore."
I've read The Royals and it's trash. There's a lot of false information in it that stands out especially if one has read other books on the Royals from Sarah Bradford and Robert Lacey. Kitty Kelly is an author who, if she doesn't know the situation or subject, often writes from the tabloids instead of doing real research on her subjects. A lot of what she's written about the Royal Family and the War of the Wales is, in fact, not true. She's a cheap hack writer and I wouldn't even bother with anything she wrote.
CNN finally got rid of her as their "royal" authority because she was stupid and what she didn't know about Royal Weddings and such, she made up. I complained enough time to CNN about her, I'm sure they were tired of me.
Ms. Kelly is a writer who IMO finds the worst gutter trash about her subject, puts it all under one cover, and calls it a biography.:ermm:
The Royals was a good read but I recall that Prince Philip and either Margaret or Elizabeth QM came off looking bad.
I agree about Kitty Kelly her research seemed to be very limited. I picked up a few errors and some things just didn't ring true. I think it was Prince Phillip who came off pretty badly she pretty much trashed the marriage between the Queen and Prince Phillip. I thought it was more a fictional account to make for some good tabloid headlines which is the theme for all her books.
I picked up "The Royals" last summer at a thrift shop - and it got me hooked on royalty. I knew absolutely nothing about the BRF except for bits about the Queen, Charles, Diana, William and Harry. When I read it the first time, still confused about titles, I stumbled over the fact there was a Prince of Wales, a Duke of York, and then a Queen Elizabeth running around in the 1930's. Each time I read the book, I learn more and see more careless mistakes. A very obvious one is that one of the pictures is labeled as Queen Victoria with her "son" The Duke of York (the future George V)!

I thought it was more a fictional account to make for some good tabloid headlines which is the theme for all her books.
That's exactly what I think - "The Royals" is basically one long, detailed tabloid (subject: the British Royal Family).
Royal Quiz Books

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The Royal Family Quiz book features questions on Queen Victoria (and her children and grandchildren), Edward VII (and his children and grandchildren), George V (and his children and grandchildren) plus the current Royal Family.

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If the book is not true,than Kitty does have a lot of guts saying that Margaret,Philip,and Queen Mother are "racist" and a lot of other stuff she claims they have done.

No wonder it's banned from Britain!
No wonder it's banned from Britain!
I wasn't aware it was banned - is this still the case? I find it hard to believe the book has been censored given the liberal attitude to publishing unauthorised material here in the UK
It said so on the back of the book.
It said so on the back of the book.
Kitty Kelley writes sensational books; blurb's on the back cover conform to this style, and truth be damned.
The book is NOT banned in Britain; it has never been published there due to the libel laws and neither Ms Kelly nor the publisher were prepared to place themselves at legal risk. Pandora's Box- Urban Legends of the Royal Kind

Legend: Kitty Kelley’s book was banned in the UK

Explanation: Kitty Kelley’s book has never been published in the UK, leading many conspiracy theorists to allege that it was banned. The story has now risen to the level of urban legend but it is completely untrue. Britain’s tough libel laws differ greatly from those in the US and would certainly have led to a large verdict against Ms. Kelley and her publishers. As a result, neither was willing to take the risk of publishing the book in Britain. At no time did the Royal Family ban the book.
Thanks for clearing that up!
I heard that she had written that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were conceived via IVF; and IVF didn't exist in that times.
I heard that she had written that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were conceived via IVF; and IVF didn't exist in that times.

Was it that or artificial insemination? Not the same thing ... in any event completely tasteless. Whose business is it anyway?
Kitty Kelly has been sued and denounced numerous times with her books on Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey and Jackie O. "The Royals" should be no exception.

I remember after Diana died, Kitty would tear up during interviews by the mere mention of her. That came across as phony to me.
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