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Hello, Count Maximilian von Attems (1983) and wife had their fourth children and third daughter : Chiara (Wien 5 September 2018). Their other children are: Camillo (Zwettl 6 July 2013 ), Felicitas (Zwettl 10 April 2015) and Olivia (Zwettl 11 January 2017),

Gothaisches Genealogisches Handbuch Grafliche Hauser 2019 Band 9 p.165.


are you sure Camillo was born 6 July 2013 , because he was baptised in Wien before April 2013
do you have the full christian names of Chiara & Felicitas and the place of marriage of their parents?
Hello, Erik
I'm sorry but it's Count Camillo birth infos as recorded in the book. But it's possible they made a typo.
His parents Count Maximilan (1983) and wife nee Countess Sophie von Walderdorff (1985) were married civilly at Schinckenhof on 17 March 2012 and religiously at Rosenau on 9 June 2012. His sisters complete names are: Félicitas Sophie Georgina Stephanie Maria Magdelena, Olivia Louise Anna Maria and Chiara Sophie Juliane Elisabeth Maria Teresa.

Gothaisches Genealogisches Handbuch Grafliche Hauser 2019 Band 9 p.165

Benedetto [dei marchesi] della Chiesa (*1986), son of Virginia di Campello (*1954) (daughter of Maria Sole Agnelli and her husband Ranieri Campello, Count di Campello) and her husband Giuseppe dei marchesi della Chiesa (*1958), and his wife Ludovica Regard had their first child, a daughter, in 2018.

He has one sister, Giacinta (*1984), who is apparently single.

Source: Descendants of Giovanni Agnelli and Clara Boselli
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