Birth of Lady Louise (November 8, 2003) and Christening (April 24, 2004)

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Lady Elizabeth Victoria Mary! :)

Or: Lady Elizabeth Charlotte Victoria
Lady Victoria Charlotte Mary
what mirror article said!

if tribute name will after Queen 2 and late Queen mum because Sophie respect 2 Queen because Sophie got married to Edward near 5 years ago but now 4 years if Sophie and Edward choose that name im not blame it! she always truly over mother in law since she got marriage.

Sara Boyce
Naming the baby Elizabeth would be a nice gesture.

And, naming your baby after your mother-in-law has to be good for family relations - no matter who you are!!

I'll love to see her first name to be Elizabeth!!

Queen Elizabeth has not yet got a granddaughter of either side named after her.

As this is the first time for Sophie, I think the baby should also be named after her and her mother.

Prince Phillip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenburg should be mentioned too.

So I recommend, ELIZABETH SOPHIE "Sophie's mother" ALICE. Hopefully Sophie and Edward could change their mind in order for their daughter to have the title of HRH Princess of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, otherwise Princess Micheal might get quite crancky for she was horrified when she was informed that her children would not be a Royal Highness.
Also, there are people with the name Elizabeth on Sophie's side of the family.
This news is great. I hope the Countess will be able to leave the hospital early next week.
Sophie in hospital into next week

The countess will remain in hospital with her baby

The Countess of Wessex will remain in hospital to recover from the birth of her daughter until next week at least.

Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday that Prince Edward's wife is not well enough yet to go home.

The prince is at Sophie's bedside at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey where she was reunited with their daughter on Friday after six days apart.

Mother and baby had been treated in separate hospitals since the premature birth last Saturday.


Sophie underwent an emergency Caesarean section at Frimley Park after suffering cramps at her Bagshot Park home.

The baby, who was a month premature, was initially transferred to St George's Hospital in Tooting, London, for intensive care.

Buckingham Palace said doctors at Frimley Park continue to monitor the condition of both mother and child.

On the baby's return to Frimley Park, Prince Edward spoke of his "great relief and joy" that his wife and daughter had been reunited.


He described their reunion as "quite an emotional moment".

The prince, who missed the birth because he was abroad on a state visit to Mauritius, was with his family in hospital on Saturday.

The baby - who weighed 4lb 9oz at birth and who has not been named - was the first grandchild of the Queen to be born in an NHS hospital.

She will not take the title HRH.

There is an investigation underway into a Surrey police mix-up that meant the countess had to wait around half an hour to be taken to hospital.

The duty inspector in charge of the force's control room at the time has since been transferred to a desk job.

An inquiry into the incident is being carried out
Why always the same name?Furthermore it´s not the heir to the throne.Look foe example to Belgium.Sstrid didn´t give her children traditional names but modern ones.
oh geez for Sophie! when she got happened got miscarriage in 2001 then she got cramps after baby born but she would let her GO! that why they got lots blood pints when baby was born but Sophie looks okay.

Sara Boyce
I read that some people think the name Elizabeth should be reserved for William´s first daughter and possible future Queen.if he gets one. :heart:

Originally posted by Elise,LadyofLancaster@Nov 16th, 2003 - 8:35 am
:heart: :heart: What a great name for a lady! Elizabeth, I am all for that name!! :heart: :heart: :innocent:
What a beautiful rose. A good idea, really!
Originally posted by liv@Nov 16th, 2003 - 9:02 pm
I read that some people think the name Elizabeth should be reserved for William´s first daughter and possible future Queen.if he gets one. :heart:

I think William's first daughter will be named Diana. I am for Elizabeth as for the name of the newest baby. It is a grand name a beautiful one.
I think William's first daughter will be named Diana. I am for Elizabeth as for the name of the newest baby. It is a grand name a beautiful one.

I agree with you Alexandra. I think that William (or maybe Harry, for that matter) will name his first daughter Diana. I think that the Wessexes will name their daughter Elizabeth and that is a very nice tribute to HM.

I also adore the remark that they could use all the names the parents liked including Daisy and call her Daisy as a nickname. Didn't HM and her sister Margaret have nic's for each other? "Rose" (Margaret's middle name I believe) and "Lillibet" (or something like that that Margaret called Elizabeth)??????

peace. Zara - Bear in mind that this is also the same newspapear that set up a sting against Sophie and her PR company several years ago, so take this with a grain of salt -- although still a horrifying though, nonetheless.

EXCLUSIVE: Story behind pregnancy drama

Sophie 20 minutes from death
By Clive Goodman and Rav Singh

SOPHIE Wessex was just 20 minutes from death as paramedics struggled to save her and her baby last weekend.

The countess lost so much blood after collapsing in agony that medics feared she would die on the way to hospital.

And at one stage Prince Edward was warned by phone that he could face a choice between Sophie's life and that of his baby daughter.

During her emergency caesarean operation 38-year-old Sophie needed transfusions of SEVEN pints of blood.

A family friend told the News of the World yesterday: "She was losing it faster than the paramedics could get it into her arm. Another 20 minutes or so and she wouldn't be here today.

"It's a miracle they both got through it safely. She is still quite weak but recovering. It will be some time before she is back to her old self though.

"She was very close to death and it frightened the hell out of everyone who cares for her."

Edward was on an official visit to Mauritius when Sophie collapsed with stomach cramps at their Surrey home, Bagshot Park.

Her baby was due in another month. Royal staff phoned police but the duty officer failed to alert an ambulance.

It was not until 90 minutes later that Sophie had emergency surgery under general anaesthetic at her local Frimley Park NHS hospital.

Edward was contacted in the early hours of Sunday morning and told to stand by.

"You might have to make a choice," the horrified prince was told. Edward, 39, stayed on the line throughout the op.

It was only when surgeons assured him that Sophie and their daughter were out of immediate danger that he hung up and made immediate plans to return home.

We can reveal that although the baby has still not been named, she HAS been given the police codename Purple 18 along with her own royal protection squad guard

The countess is said to have been suffering from a condition called placenta abruptio, in which the baby's afterbirth peels away from the wall of the womb causing massive bleeding.

Blood and oxygen supplies are cut off to the child, which will die unless it is removed from the womb quickly.

Sophie has previously suffered a miscarriage after an ectopic pregnancy and tried test tube baby technology before conceiving naturally.

It's really hard to know what to believe in some of the UK papers - this is from the Sunday Mirror..


By David Rowe

NEW mum Sophie Wessex may leave hospital tomorrow.

Proud father Prince Edward was keeping his fingers crossed after visiting her as she recovered from an emergency Caesarean op eight days ago. It followed Sophie's reunion with their daughter on Friday after the baby was transferred to Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, from a special unit at St George's Hospital, South London.

An emotional Edward said: "This is a fantastic day. It's a great relief that we've finally reunited mother and daughter." The baby is expected to stay in hospital for several more weeks.

A friend of the couple said: "Edward hopes to be able to bring Sophie home on Monday lunchtime, if all is well.

"He will visit his parents this weekend to show them pictures of the baby. He and Sophie have some names in mind, but protocol dictates he should tell the Queen first."

Sophie was rushed to Frimley Park from their Bagshot Park estate with agonising cramps. She had only a glimpse of the baby before the infant was taken to St George's.

what horrible for Sophie!

if she would have one baby when baby was grew-up that really premature for her baby!

I read UK articles all weeks makes me sense over Sophie i wanted she gets safe before baby born but she got collaspe twice! im believe it

Sara Boyce
I think the name Elizabeth is a great tribute to The Queen and the late Queen Mother.
Look foe example to Belgium.Sstrid didn´t give her children traditional names but modern ones.

I am sorry...but the names of the children of Astrid & Lorenz are very traditional.
Amadeo was a traditional name in the house of Modena (or Aosta..I am not sure), Laura as well (Maria-Laura even), Joachim is an old name, Louise-Maria was the first queen of the belgians and Letizia was also a Aosta relative of Lorenz.


17 NOVEMBER 2003
Sports fan Prince Harry made the most of a high-profile outing to the England rugby World Cup matches Down Under on Saturday, sending thoughtful messages to friends and family back home.

An England flag draped the stands from where he cheered on his home country, and on it were scrawled the words: "Get well soon, Sophie" – a message to his aunt, the Countess of Wessex. Prince Edward's 38-year-old wife remains in hospital after welcoming a baby daughter prematurely nine days ago.

But the Countess apparently wasn't the only one on Harry's mind. Also written on the flag was "Hi, Dad and Willy" – a note to Prince Charles and Prince William – as well as "Hi, Wiggles", thought to be a reference to the 18-year-old Prince's former nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke, whose husband Charles Pettifer accompanied Harry at the match.
Isn't' it a little weird the queen has not been to see her daughter in law or sick grandchild? I know my mother would be at the hospital as often as possible. Course, my mom isn't' the queen!
Well, The Queen has been informed constantly of their progress, but right now, I think HM has a lot on Her plate, like the state visit. Who knows, The Queen might have secretly visited them.
There is a rumour that Edward and Sophie´s baby has been named Elizabeth Mary Helen.But there was no official statement yet... :heart:
From the Evening Standard -

Doctors consider Sophie release

17 November 2003

Doctors will meet today to decide when the Countess of Wessex will be able to leave hospital following the premature birth of her daughter. She is expected to return to Bagshot Park later this week.

Sophie has been recovering at Frimley Park for the past eight days after an emergency Caesarean section.

She was visited yesterday by Prince Edward who spent more than two hours with his wife and new baby.
Guess it must be a little hard for the Queen to just 'pop in' for a visit..
Here's a photo of Harry with his message bearing flag..


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Originally posted by Bubbette@Nov 17th, 2003 - 4:01 pm
Isn't' it a little weird the queen has not been to see her daughter in law or sick grandchild? I know my mother would be at the hospital as often as possible. Course, my mom isn't' the queen!
Has anyone from the royal family visited Sophie and the baby? I know that she came a little prematurely and that royal schedules are set months, sometimes years in advance (like state visits), but this is a new addition to the family. In my books it definitely qualifies as an important enough event to throw your agenda out the window for an hour or so. And just sending flowers and well wishes doesn't count as "enough" - except in Harry's case since he is all the way in Australia!

And in Sophie's case it is more important that she should receive visits from family since her life was (according to news reports) gravely in danger with the delivery; making Sophie's life and the birth of this baby even more precious and special.
I'm guessing since Sophie is unwell and trying to recover that she requested that no one visit her other then Edward and her parents. Who doesn't want their mom with them when they're sick?

When my sister had her baby she didn't want anyone there for the birth other then her husband. My mom went down to visit after the baby was born and the rest of us followed a week or so later. That was what my sister particularly requested. Sophie is under way more danger then my sister was, so I can see why she might not feel like entertaining.
That's a very reasonable explanation, Samitude. I hadn't quite thought of things that way.
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