Birth of Lady Louise (November 8, 2003) and Christening (April 24, 2004)

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"Lady" is a courtesy title, she'd be addressed as Lady [Elizabeth] or simply as Miss/Lady Windsor. I don't think she'll get a "her grace" in front of it. Although it is her birthright to have two H's and an R infront of her name.



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Originally posted by moosey60@Nov 10th, 2003 - 7:39 pm
Haha, there was a song about Cecilia or somethin', it went somethin' like :innocent: "Cecilia, I'm down on me knees, gimme a reason please, to give up me whiskaaaaaaay!" :innocent: Umm...actually minus the Scottish inuendo, and you'll have a song.
That's the Simon & Garfunkel song Binny and I were referring to. A most fun song on retro nights at clubs! ... I don't know about working out to it, though Binny. I don't think even Simon & Garfunkel and Cecilia could make any work out fun for me!
I could have sworn I read somwhere that on formal occassions, women who are ladies or duchesses, etc., are addressed as your grace or something, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I think that the new royal baby should be a princess, HRH and all, but that is for The Queen to decide.
I actually like the name Josefine as well. Josefine Elizabeth Helen, Josefine Helen Mary, Josefine Marina Alexandra Mary???
Another statement from Buckingham Palace

10 November 2003


Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex was safely delivered of a baby girl by emergency caesarean section at 11.32pm on Saturday 8th November, at the Frimley Park NHS Hospital in Surrey. The weight of the baby was 4lbs 9oz.

Her Royal Highness and her daughter are both stable. As a purely precautionary measure, the baby was taken to the regional neo natal unit at St George's Hospital, Tooting.

The medical team attending Her Royal Highness were Mr Gareth Beynon (Consultant Obstetrician/gynaecologist); Mr Sukhpal Singh (Consultant Surgeon); Anne Deans (Consultant Obstetrician/gynaecologist); Dr Peta Maltby (Consultant Paediatrician ); Dr Melinda Brazier (SpR Anaesthetics); Dr Claire Edkins (Consultant Anaesthetics); Mr Adam Lewis (Sarjeant Surgeon to The Queen) and Mr Marcus Setchell (Surgeon Gynaecologist).

The Earl of Wessex, who was on an official visit to Mauritius, flew home early to be with his wife and daughter.

His Royal Highness has now cancelled or postponed planned engagements for the early part of this week, but will represent Her Royal Highness at a reception for the Brainwave charity on Wednesday evening.

The Countess's previously arranged engagements on 17 and 18 November have now been cancelled.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are being kept informed of the progress of both The Countess and her baby, and they are very pleased that they are both doing well.

Her Royal Highness and her daughter will remain in hospital for the foreseeable future.

Well, I guess that means Sophie won't be participating in events for the State Visit of the President and First Lady of the United States next week. She will probably be reunited with her daughter by then.
I like the name Victoria Elizabeth.......... Not very original though.

Congratulations to the couple .. What great news..

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Here are my picks.

Lady Charlotte Grace Elizabeth

Lady Natalie Elizabeth Rose

Lady Cathrine Elizabeth Margaret

Lady Alyxandria Margaret Rose

Lady Madeleine Rose Elizabeth

Lady Isabella Alyxandria Mary

Lady Mathilde Victoria Anne

Lady Josephine Helen Anne

Lady Jacqueline Alyxandria Rose
Cops left Sophie in agony

Royal Correspondent

PRINCE Edward’s wife Sophie was left in agony for 30 minutes while in labour — after a police blunder delayed her ambulance.

And the hold-up could have put the Countess of Wessex’s baby — which was four weeks premature — at risk, it was revealed last night.

Sophie, 38, was suffering increasing stomach cramps and her worried doctor ordered her personal protection officer to get immediate help.

He called the Surrey Police HQ in Guildford at 9.55pm on Saturday.

But after half an hour there was no sign of the ambulance to rush her to hospital from her Bagshot home.

By then Sophie was close to collapse.

The doctor and a security guard then both rang Surrey Ambulance — and were stunned to discover no call-out had been requested.

An ambulance was finally despatched at 10.27pm to take her the five miles to Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey. Doctors carried out immediate caesarean surgery and at 11.32pm delivered a 4lb 9oz daughter.

After a brief cuddle the baby was taken by private ambulance to a special care unit at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, South West London.

Last night a Surrey Police source said: “There’s no doubt heads will roll for this.

“There was a detailed emergency plan in place but it seems it fell at the first hurdle. The whole situation is being taken very seriously.”

Hospital sources said if there had been any further delay Sophie could have suffered complications putting the baby at risk.

A pal said: “She has been very lucky.”

An inquiry has been launched and Surrey Police apologised for any distress caused to Sophie. A spokesman said: “The duty inspector believed an ambulance had been called. We got it wrong.”

Sophie is in the intensive care unit of the NHS hospital where she gave birth. She is believed to have lost a lot of blood but is not in danger.

She is expected to join her baby, who is doing well, at St George’s at the weekend.

Her mum Mary Rhys-Jones said: “My daughter is doing well but is upset she cannot be with her baby.”

Prince Edward flew 6,000 miles home from Mauritius. He visited mother and daughter yesterday. He said: “It was thrilling to see my daughter. She is cute and cuddly — but I would say that.”

The new royal baby is eighth in line to the throne.

From The Sun.
I think you mentioned a lot of names which already exist in European royal houses.
Grace----for me totally un believable that they will choose this one
Madeleine----of Sweden,it is a nice name but it exists already
Mathilde---of Belgium,is no English name

Cecilia is really nice
And I like Helena Rose as second/third name.

I don´t think they´ll choose Elizabeth,I want sth. new and extraordinary as the first name.The other one´s can be traditional

Princess Mathlde´s son is named Gabriel a fresh and modern name not belongin to tradition. :heart:


11 NOVEMBER 2003
Doctors say Sophie Wessex will have to wait a few more days before being reunited with her baby daughter, who was born one month prematurely on Saturday night.

The Countess is still recovering at Frimley Park hospital in Surrey while her daughter is under observation at the neo-natal unit of St George's Hospital in Tooting. Until such time as they can be together, Sophie is taking comfort from a photograph of herself and her new baby taken just after the delivery.

Proud new dad Prince Edward has meanwhile been describing his delight at first clapping eyes on the infant. "It was a completely thrilling moment, quite difficult to describe," he said. "Obviously she is very small but she is cute and cuddly – but I would say that, wouldn't I, because I am her father."

The royal couple have yet to settle on a name for their new arrival, and they have decided to wait until they can all be together before making a choice. That is likely to be on Thursday or Friday, when the Countess is expected to be discharged.

Their new baby will be kept in hospital for up to three weeks as doctors monitor her breathing, temperature and feeding. She may have to be fed by tube for a period and kept in an incubator.
I vote for Philippa for the obvious reason of honoring grandpapa and - at the same time - giving baby a name which is rather unused by British royals. Elizabeth should definitely be one of the middle names; possibly Sophie or Helen as well.
My guess would be Lady Elizabeth Helena Mary

Elizabeth for the Queen Mum
Helena is Sophie's middle name
Mary is a very traditional royal name
Yeah! I am so happy I was right! I am hoping Sophie and "Helena" has a speedy recovery! :flower: :heart:
Is Sophie's middle name Helen or HelenA? I've seen both mentioned as her middle name and while they are very similar, they are both also 2 different names.
Sophie's middle name is Helen.

Other names for the new royal baby could be:
<span style='font-family:Impact'>Helena-Louise Elizabeth Mary; </span>
Helena for Sophie and that was one of Queen Victoria's daughter's names
Louise was one of Queen Victoria's daughter's names
Elizabeth for Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mum
Mary for Queen Mary and Sophie's mother


<span style='font-family:Impact'>Helena-Louise Victoria Mary</span>
Victoria for Queen Victoria
Originally posted by liv@Nov 11th, 2003 - 8:26 am

I want sth. new and extraordinary as the first name.The other one´s can be traditional

I agree! Something more modern would be nice, especially since all of the traditional "christian" (as they call them) names have been used innumerable times....
I would like Elise Elizabeth Angela. Elise is very original. I heard the name on a movie once and I've liked it every since. Elizabeth is for Queen Elizabeth II and, of course, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. And Angela is for the Queen Mother (it was one of her middle names). What do you all think?
Lady Eirelyn Helena Rose would be "fresh", up to
Lady Marian Victoria Mary
Lady Petra Elizabeth Mary
Lady Victoria Anne Elizabeth (Great-great-great...-great grandmother, aunt, och grandmother)
Lady Caitlin Anne Kathleen...

It'd be a lot easier to name a boy. :shock:
Originally posted by mybags@Nov 11th, 2003 - 9:21 pm
I would like Elise Elizabeth Angela. Elise is very original. I heard the name on a movie once and I've liked it every since. Elizabeth is for Queen Elizabeth II and, of course, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. And Angela is for the Queen Mother (it was one of her middle names). What do you all think?
Elise and Elizabeth are the same name, but one is shorter.
I love alice, and it would be a tribute to Philip as well, as his mother (who was a mountbatten) was named Alice, a very special lady who received the yad vashem cross!!!!!
I honestly expect to see Edward and Sophie name their daughter something fresh - kind of like when Princess Anne named Zara. Let that first name ring out in originality! The wee one's middle names can be traditional.
My god you people are living in denial. Every single newspaper has PRINTED that the kid would be a LADY not a PRINCESS. In addition, it was ANNOUNCED at the time of her parents wedding in 1999 that in fact, their children would bear the titles an earl's child would have.
It seems that most people seem to think that bearing the title Princess or HRH must be wonderful - when in fact it could prove to be a curse and very limiting. Sophie and Edward have made the right decision regarding titles for their children (as did Princess Anne).
It won't be very long before William and Harry eventually marry, and there will be a lot of little HRH's running around! :flower:
We will just have to wait and see if or when The Queen issues a letters patent.
Earl: Baby has changed my life - From BBC News

The Earl of Wessex has joked his life is now controlled by "two women" after the birth of his first child.

Prince Edward, who stood in for his wife Sophie at a Buckingham Palace reception, said his life had changed dramatically in the last week.

"If you're wondering why I'm standing up here, I don't know which planet you've been on," he told guests from the brain injuries charity Brainwave.

Mother and daughter remain in separate hospitals after Saturday's birth.

'No dress'

The baby, who weighed 4lb 9oz, was born a month early by emergency Caesarean section after Sophie became ill.

She was then transferred as a precaution to a neo-natal unit at St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London, while her mother remained at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

My wife really changed a few days ago and my life is now not run by one woman but two women

Earl of Wessex

Edward was abroad on an official visit at the time, but flew back to visit both his wife and daughter on Sunday night.

He told the Brainwave reception on Wednesday: "My wife really changed a few days ago and my life is now not run by one woman but two women."

He said Sophie, who is president of the charity which rehabilitates children with brain injuries and special needs, had been "adamant" the event should go ahead despite her absence.

She had "asked me to stand in for her, which I can do from time to time - but I don't agree to wear the dress", Edward joked.

The earl received a teddy bear as a gift for his daughter from a 14-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer.

Natalie Preston, from Southport, learned how to walk during a therapy programme at Brainwaves' national centre in Somerset.

'Good progress'

Edward had earlier visited Sophie at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, where their daughter was born.

A spokesman for Buckingham Police said both mother and daughter, who are expected to be reunited on Thursday or Friday, continue to make good progress.

Meanwhile, police have apologised for an error which meant the countess had to wait 30 minutes for an ambulance after going into labour prematurely.

A Surrey police inspector has been moved to desk duties after he failed to send an ambulance to Sophie's Bagshot Park home, mistakenly believing one had already been called.
Yes, can't help thinking it's (the letters patent) more of an issue with us than them!
Ha! :flower:
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