Better Quality Mary Documentary.

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Sun Lion

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Oct 18, 2012
This is a much better quality version of the old “Mary Elizabeth Donaldson” documentary than was previously available on YouTube.

A pleasure to watch … happy days for Mary’s family, some words from Mary’s old bosses, she and Frederik visiting her primary school, at Salamanca Market buying fabric that was later made up into a formal gown, Frederik checking out the abalone for that night’s BBQ, also handling a large Tassie crayfish.

Mary telling us how Frederik regularly fiddles with the gears while she drives … and footage of it.

I was in Bondi Junction yesterday and took a quick detour past Mary’s old share-house in Porter St. It’s just a few minutes walk from the very busy commercial and transport area.

The train line to the Eastern suburbs ends here, but there is a large bus terminal to service this whole side of Sydney, and ann enormous Westfield shopping centre and many other busy shopping streets.

Just a few moments walk away though is very peaceful Porter St.

No traffic, this area is surrounded by other major roads not far away that handle that.
Full of very large Morton Bay Fig trees with their roots snarling all over, a tranquil place.

You may find going direct to YouTube will have even better quality. I’ve notice photos I’ve posted lose some clarity.
There are in fact several newly posted version of this documentary, even the German and Spanish language versions.

(This is the English language version posted two months ago, which I think is slightly better than the one posted four months ago.)

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The video is not available to me.:(
The video is not available to me.:(
That is really a shame Blog Real.
I know you follow the Danish Royals closely, and this is like stepping back twenty years to the beginning … the official beginning … of Mary’s role in Denmark.

Hopefully you may have seen it in previous years, or will be able to in the future.

A documentary about Mustique and Princess Margaret that even had a cinematic premiere here in Australia many years ago … and then “disappeared” to be only written about here and there … has been on YouTube for a while now. I never thought I would see it, but one day it turned up on the internet.

Also, the old “Royal Family” documentary about the British Royals that, it is said, The Queen banned from being shown again, has come and gone on YouTube.

This documentary about Mary used to be hard to watch, poor quality video, but these recent versions are good.

I saw photos of Mary’s overseas travels I hadn’t picked-up on before, lots of footage of the couple in Tasmania, flying by small plane and helicopter, in an open-top car in Sydney as well, both Mary and Frederik driving, lots of footage of Mary’s family all together.

I hope you are able to come across it, the good quality version, at some time. Even though it is now a long time ago, it is great to step back to that time.

Thank you Sun Lion.:flowers:

This must be the documentary you are talking about:


Thank you Sun Lion.:flowers:

This must be the documentary you are talking about:

Yes Blog Real, that’s the one.

Recently some good quality versions have turned up … good for watching from YouTube on your TV.

Everyone was so young!
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