Best Outfit: September 7-13, 2015

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Which royal wore the best outfit last week?

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Welcome to the Picture of the Week poll for the best fashion outfits worn by royals between September 7 and 13, 2015.

The poll will close on September 19, 2015.

Please feel free to discuss which outfit you voted for but remember to tell us why.

A small group of team members/advisers have assisted the Picture of the Week coordinators in selecting these pictures. Their names are listed below:


Have fun!

Picture of the Week Coordinators
ANNIE_S, Humera, soapstar, Tilia C.
I'm gonna go with Letizia.
The colours are amazing and out of all her "skirt and 3/4 sleeved shirt tucked in" looks, this is the best one.
I voted for CP Mary this week. The white blouse and print skirt were a great combination.
I'm giving it to Mary with the white blouse and printed skirt. She looked lovely.
I voted for Crown Princess Mary. It's a nice outfit.
I think H.M looked lovely but I also like C.P. Victoria...
I voted for Queen Elizabeth II because this was her Record Week.

Thursday September 11th 2015 saw an informal visit of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands to a training centre of the Chemical, Biological, Radio-active and Nuclear calamities response unit of the Royal Netherlands Army in Vught (near 's-Hertogenbosch). The Queen wore a coat made of recycled canvas postbags by the designer Jan Taminiau: picture

This week was easy again- Queen Maxima Sept 9.
I voted for Queen Letizia, I absolutely love that skirt and very happy to see it again :flowers:
Queen Elizabeth II got my vote this week!
I voted for Queen Jetsun Pema, simply because it was nice to see her in the poll for a change and also because I love the colour of her traditional dress.

CP Victoria on September 7, Queen Letizia on September 9 (Letizia seems to be a poll favourite at the moment!) and the Countess of Wessex on September 10 are my runner ups for this week.
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I voted for Queen Jetsun Pema. She looked so effortlessly regal.

My favorites:

1. Queen Jetsun Pema
2. Letizia
3. Beatrix
4. Beatrice
5. Victoria
6. Elizabeth
7. Sophie
I am a sucker for 60's style dresses which is why I voted for CP Victoria's elegant black/white;).

2nd place went to Queen Letizia, and 3rd to Princess Beatrice. She looked lovely, imo!
Only a few hours left to vote guys.
We have some beautiful pictures lined up for the next poll so stay tuned!
Princess Beatrice's outfit was really lovely, so she got my vote this week. Queen Jetsun Pema was a close second, followed by the Countess of Wessex.
I voted for Princess Beatrix as we don't see her often these days and she has maintained the same style she used when she was queen!
Sorry don't get the CP Mary look, just a.' day at the office' look in my humble opinion.
This poll is now closed. Thank you all for voting.
Here are the top 3 winners:



I don't get the CP Mary outfit, to my mind it is a 'going to work ' outfit. Office smart, nice and practical but nothing special but hey that is me.
Well these polls are primarily devoted to "going to work" outfits, ie. outfits worn to official engagements.
If you're looking for something special keep an eye out for the September formal wear poll.
I have to say I voted for Mary's outfit too because of I found it elegant in its classic simplicity.
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